List of Xojo Desktop most important bugs

What are your most IMPORTANT bugs in Xojo desktop version.

Only bugs that’s can’t be worked around, bugs that makes your app unusable, bugs that the end user can see, not Xojo IDE glitches

I don’t know what you want to reach but with that you will not get to the point you want to. Instabilities of Xojo Apps? Yes, 6700 users of a medical App having problems while Sockets are unstable from time to time.

After change to new written Java Software: no Socket Problems anymore.

Database rocking Slow with Xojo.

After use of Java Software: okay

For every showstopper bug I found a workaround in the MBS plugin. macOS only.

  • Not-reproducible crashes in the socket.
  • Similar not-reproducible crashes in date handling.
  • I had to replace the htmlviewer with the MBS html viewer I think also because of hard crashes.

Currently, I’m trying to reproduce a crash where dragging multiple files freaks out BS and Monterey.

The rest is small stuff. And so many bugs in Xojo itself.

Here’s my curated list of showstoppers from my big list posted in the other thread:

51124 Structure alignment issues in Windows
51636 Min Width and Min Height slightly off and snaps back to correct size only in 64bit
52211 Invalid access to memory location when trying to use a pointer to a structure in 2018r1 64bit
54028 Obtaining a handle via a pictures graphic object stops future access
55262 A window opened from a modal window can’t be interacted with
55312 Framework failed assertion at objects.cpp:208
55398 Shift+Enter on a nested If with code reformatting causes code corruption
55857 Window can resize smaller than min size only in 64bit
58563 Xojo IDE doesn’t close when responding to WM_ENDSESSION if Keep Xojo running is selected
59626 URLConnection memory allocation issues when using async Send to download a file
59628 Possible URLConnection memory leak
59656 ByRef isn’t added to 32bit delegate parameters of structures in windows
61368 messagebox doesn’t stop timer different between windows and mac
63423 Code corruption when using code reformatting, split lines and undo
63424 Issues when splitting lines when using a code reformatting script
63464 Timer is kept alive after closing window in 32bit but not 64bit leading to NOE
63720 Window.Activate fires even though the window doesnt have focus in Windows
63721 Format output errors with certain formatting
63751 ComboBox doesn’t fire Change event even though the selection has changed
63810 Debugging a structure containing WString causes crash
65678 App unexpectedly exits in 32bit but not 64bit
66178 TextEdit.CharacterPosition is wrong in Windows
66208 Shell.Execute breaks when using quoted strings
66210 FolderItem.ShellPath fails to return short path if the filesystem doesn’t support short path but the file actually exists

Here is my list of bugs that make Xojo look bad from my long term windows user standpoint:

43575 Window Min Width/Height being ignored in specific case
43704 ListBox Shift+End, Shift+Home incorrect behaviour
43705 ListBox Shift+Down Arrow, Shift+Up Arrow incorrect behaviour
46694 ListBox vertical scrollbar not positioning correctly on resize
47810 Listbox.HeaderHeight returns incorrect value
47811 Listbox with no border causes focus issues
49189 Slow debugging lengthy data sets in variable viewer of IDE
51123 Switching between Structures doesn’t refresh structure size after using toggling Show 64 bit sizes
51418 Unable to scroll to end of debug variable hex view in the IDE
51419 Unable to scroll to top of debug variable hex view in the IDE when adjusting the size of the pane
51471 Autocomplete on a module shows all sub modules at every level
51478 Textarea scrollbar height changes size when the control has multiple screens of text
51479 Extra line added when copy and pasting from and to a textarea
52586 Listbox focus showing when it shouldn’t in Windows
52587 Keyboard focus remains on listbox when it shouldn’t in Windows
52824 Window resize during modal MessageDialog causes MessageDialog to resize
53189 Labels flicker when you alter the size of their container control
53415 HTML Viewer breakpoints program when opening a PDF from local drive
54144 DoShellCommand fails if path contains non-ascii character
54565 Window MouseEnter MousExit fire at different locations
55589 Unable to run desktop project after running web project
55727 Size of structure which refers to another structure does not update properly
55729 Undo doesn’t track changes to structures
55856 Window min height/width issue when resizing window
56962 Disabled TextField background color is now unusable as its always grey
58603 Super return of nested inline if expand in incorrect order
58681 Trying to use debug UTF32 crashes the IDE
59760 XojoScript stack overflow crashes app
61369 ProgressBar MaximumValue is limited to 65536 under windows but not on the mac
63528 RadioButton’s keyboard input only works after you’ve click a RadioButton in Windows
63529 RadioButtons in groups don’t follow windows standard behaviour
63636 Clicking into a control that has Format set can place the caret in the wrong position
63637 A TextField that has Text when a window is shown isn’t correctly highlighted if is has focus
63642 SearchField Tooltip doesn’t work
64036 Switching views in IDE causes memory usage to increase, possible memory leak
64246 Code entry slows for every workspace you have open showing a window
65295 WString and CString don’t change size in the IDE when changing architecture

This thread would likely be deleted if it was on the Xojo Forums.

Well, in this case you can include some design stupidity and the hypocrisy of saying that xojo will use “native only” controls. This aplies to the MessageDialog, it is NOT a native dialog but a normal window, not the same bhavior, not the same theming, not the same layout as the native dialogs in windows.

The awfull Tooltip class, that it is also just a window with different colors and behavior than a real tooltip. The stupidity of Api 2 that just renamed to Application.ShowTooltip but didnt fix the issues.

The Listbox header lagging behind the content when scrolling or when resizing columns. The stupid way of xojo for fixing this for just a single release and reintroduce the bug the very next release… Check FC: 51841 in Resources:2018r2 Release Notes - Xojo Documentation

TextArea in windows looks awfull, it has not the same theme as the TextBox, it has a wrong behavior when the Intro key (numeric) is pressed But, Xojo should use a normal multiline edit control for a multiline Text control. And the richedit control for a separate Styled text control.

The bug in the command buttos where Xojo shows the systems contextual menu instead of the custom one but during app use it changes to the custom one sometimes.

About functionality: a enormous growing list of bugs and bad desicions

That’s the only one that has given me real grief, with no workaround. So ugly.

Honestly, no show-stoppers for any of my desktop apps, but they have only a few users as they’re almost all specialized apps for production hardware testing.

I have many, many complaints about the IDE’s behavior but the OP has requested that those be excluded.

I can´t believe the answer they gave to the FC :roll_eyes: it fell like the old “It is only you”, so I quoted you there :yum: feedback://showreport?report_id=66442

Oh I forgot to post the ones I have on my favourites that I didn’t raise:

12506 Strings in Structures can be incorrectly truncated if there are null bytes at the end of the string
40114 Using Min with a variable as a loop bound creates a memory leak
22072 Copy does not call the menu handler when a row is selected in a list box
48449 StructureAlignment equal to 0 does not align fields properly on Windows.
48731 str in xojoscript is not the same as str in xojo
49684 MonitorFromPoint Declare works in x86 - sometimes in x64
48015 .DrawInto Windows oddness
31346 ctrl+z works in textarea/textfield but edit>undo is not enabled (and maybe should be)
65151 Breakpoints are ignored in 2021r1.1 MacOS on M1
62843 Window.RefreshRect does not fire the Paint event until the method is exited
58943 COM importer autogenerated delegate selects wrong return type and ByVal/ByRef

The columns does not fills the ListBox width and so left a “phantom” (white) column at its right.

If your ListBox is fully Editable, you can edit the content of that column (the one that fills the empty space: yes, it is not a column, but you can edit it).

Worst, if you populate the ListBox from a DB (SQLite here) and do not display the Row ID (select * from Table_X"), when you click (or double click) in the empty space, you can edit the Row ID (the DB Row ID)…

If your Rows have a background color, that space is white until you resize the window (the ListBox).

This exists in 2015r1 (and probably in many previous versions, I forgot).