List box DropObject obj As DragItem

I’m trying to determine what the obj contains when I click on a list box row. Assume the list box has 3 columns when I drag the row, does the obj contain all three columns of data. And if so, how would I get just the data from the second column?

I assume that if I don’t specify the cell, then the default obj.text is the first column.

And any hints as to how I would find the answer in the docs. I have checked the help, which is difficult and doesn’t seem to cover the topic. I have also googled xojo [my question] and there’s not much

What Event are-you considering ?

The drop event.

Did you implement the DragRow event ?
If so you determine what’s in the Drag Object

Yes. I think my confusion is that the dragItem.text ends up being the text from all the columns of the row. Thus I can specify the CellTextAt function. What confused me is that I’m a weekend coder and don’t always remember some of the details. I tend to forget some of the nuances and also get muddled by some of the changes in terminology. Sometimes text means text, string means text, and so forth.

trust me I look at the docs more than I have in the last 10 years because of all the silly changes :slight_smile:

Most times with the drag & drop functionality all I needed was to know which row was being dragged and then I could access that row & column BEFORE it was dropped or AS it was dropped to get relevant data

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