Linux ‘fix’ - madness

Just read this on TOF: Xojo 2022 3.2 not launching on Fedora 37 - #8 by Pedro_Chamorro - Linux - Xojo Programming Forum

The ‘fix’/ workaround is to:
Delete a shared library
Create a symbolic link with the name of the new library which is a link to an older version.

Do they really not realise the potential issues with this irresponsible advice?

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They don’t care about Linux as I could realize.


Oh dear lord
Thats entirely likely to break anything else that DOES depend on


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Who needs anything else than Xojo and the feedback app?

Man yes and on top I will drink a beer opened 2002. The same old taste.

Apparently not Xojo since Feedback is dead now :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yes true. I forgot about. Ahh yes while I am not using it. True. All time I am looking in old code I am shocked about the ide. Always i downloaded an update I am still shocked about the ide. I installed Xojo 2019r3.2 on Ubuntu…wow…soooo damned slow especially but not only the visual Editor. And since I compared with javafx and scebebuilder…shocking slow…and compared intellij…there is no real code completion on Xojo ide. And on Linux it can cost a few seconds until the three points coming up…Xojo and Linux are not best friends

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and plugins in jetbrains are loading a tiny bit faster too … seconds instead of minutes. Actually my projects are compiling faster (even those in rust) than Xojo is loading the IDE.

Yeah we are speaking about an ide written in Xojo not in Java or c++. Will never be faster

Ironically users following this ‘fix’ may not be able to log the problem in issues as their browser will probably be unstable if it’s based on webkit

Hopefully most Linux users will realize this and not do it. Unbelievably stupid advice.

Xojo advices ending mostly so. It isn’t compatible and that’s it. Jetbrains intellij is definitely

most linux users already switched to more open and free toolchains with better licenses avoiding a closed source pile of crap with a single person behind, unwilling and unfit to listen to its pro business users.

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Yeah especially while c++, java and python are for free also Javascript and co. We can see in Linux environment many people using open source Toolchain. Nearly all.