Limited Testers Needed

I need a few people willing to invest some time into testing a GUI based “Man page” reader for macOS

This is written 100% in Swift, and does require macOS11.0 or above

• List of all available man pages on your system.
• Search for a man page by name or search within a page.
• Step back & forward through recently viewed man pages.
• Live links to ‘See Also’ entries.
• Bookmark frequently viewed pages as “Favorites”
• Export Man Page as either HTML or PDF
• Dark and Light modes

Things left to do:
• Enhance Syntax highlighting to use RegEX
• fix any “bugs” that anyone finds
• implement any improvements that might be suggested

If interested, drop me a private message. As this is destined for the App Store, I will only be sending copies directly to specific people for the time being

Update : Syntax Engine is now 100% RegEx :slight_smile:

guess no interest… bummer

(post deleted by author)

I would but …

Ok, I could do some testing - earliest is the upcoming weekend.

Thanks… but I may have to give up on this project.
Seems none of the Unix/macOS CLI tools can do their job properly. Groff, Troff etc all fail to format HTML even close to correctly. So until I can crack that nut… :frowning:
The current version uses a brute force method, but it doesn’t do the highlighting 100% correctly either