Learning Xojo by sample apps

One good way of learning a language is reading/working through sample apps. I found Xojo’s over-simplistic.
In this thread, the ‘Eddie’s Electronics’ app is recommended as a sample of a ‘complex’ app in Xojo. Does Eddie’s really cover all of Xojo’s web app capabilities?

It covers some
But not “all”

Possibly enough to get a person started

What I dont recall it covering is things like HandleURL which is useful for Web API’s

Its by no means a “complex” web app

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It is just a basic CRUD example…

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Creating example apps are tricky. You need to show the concepts but if you make it ‘feature complete’ for a commercial app it will be overwhelming for a beginner. There’s a fine balance in there that I’m sure an evangelist or support engineer could flesh out over time.

When I did my Journal video training application I kept it to a few windows with simple database CRUD. But it still had an About Window, Menubars with app specific menus, listing and editor windows. IIRC it was still over 10 hours of me explaining what was going on and I still received emails with people asking questions about certain parts. And of course over the years Xojo made more and more pieces obsolete until API2 killed all 200+ videos.

So no, Xojo does not make complex example apps because it would just confuse people with more step by step guidance.