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The main site (with a very good introduction to Swift) is of course https://swift.org/documentation/#the-swift-programming-language

And then there are Apple’s own free books on the iBooks store

The following might be useful starting points with links to more resources:

and while I am by far no “expert” in Swift… I am more than happy to discuss with anyone how things might be accomplished. It could be a learning experience for all of us

Some caveats from my point of view.
I DO NOT do autolayout… (although for my mac Project I will need to do a little bit to simulate control locks)
I DO NOT do Interface Builder
I DO do everything in code, either manually, or via programs I have written that write/translate code for me. I find this to be the best way to fully understand what is going on and why

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I might invest in this course, if ever get the free time needed:

I guess you noted the Requirements

  • If you’re a Swift or iOS developer that wants to learn how to code for multiple Apple platforms and build an application on macOS, then this is the course you need!
  • Basic familiarity with Swift/Objective-C is assumed.

I’m going to try to learn Swift through Udemy’s iOS 13 & Swift 5 The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp.

Please don’t forget to give feedback on the courses here …

Btw I always read the 3 star reviews. Biggest complaint seems to be that the higher modules are outdated and the apps buggy (not up to professional standard).


New Apple documentation (Swift):

Thzez iq (for me) ony one trouble:

how to download these books ?

Did you click on the link in the article?.. you must have the iBooks app on your computer… it then goes to iTunes and shows all the books available… I see 12 different ones

Thank you Dave.

I re-read the article and noticed the link… but after sometimes I didn’t understand how to save the items in iBooks.

Yes, I never download anything with iBooks.

(I have to display everything in inverted colors to be able to read what’s on screen; that do not set things easier [think young “Dark Mode”] the links color is different :frowning: ).

The “Reply” button is orange here (and so is “Save Edit”).

just click the [GET] button, same as downloading an App

Too hard for me…

Thank you for your help.

(I get the ID/Password window and after I set the password, the window disappears to reappears some seconds after. Not an easy task for me, grrr.)

on iOS < 13 try
General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations

I’ve been working my way through the iOS 13 & Swift 5 - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp on UDemy. The course cost me $17.27 which was on sale and may be even cheaper today. It has been well worth the price and the time I’ve put in thus far. Overall, there are about 59 hours worth of video. I’ve completed watching and doing the exercises for about half the course. The breadth of the course is extensive, with several short side forays into free third party services to help create necessary items for the Apps being created as well as APIs for data being fed into those example Apps. It’s apparent that creating iOS apps of any significance is not for the easily daunted, but thus far I have been very impressed by the quality of the course and its breadth. I do have a few quibbles, but I have already learned a lot about Xcode, Swift, the various options for maintaining persistent data (User Defaults, Core Data / SQLite etc) and have worked through over 20 projects alongside the videos. I’m an older as well as an old-school hobbiest who has programmed amateurish statistical database oriented projects for a while, so I don’t know if I will ever really do much with my new iOS knowledge, and I realize it would take a lot more practice than a video course provides, but I would recommend this course for those with higher aspirations. See the Course Syllabus

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Ray Wenderlich is pretty good, and some courses to get you started are free.

Plus they announced their book iOS apprentice for free for a limited time:

Understanding beats copy-pasting

A free Swift course that seems pretty good from what I read so far (the website has many good tutorials which is how I found it):


Hello Community,

first I would like to thank Garry and the community to have this forum :relieved: I am a fan of freedom and I do not like censorship.

I have stopped using Xojo and start looking for alternatives. There are several threads with opinions, experiences and problems which I mostly follow. So I will not repeat them as most is already known to you :relaxed:

Actually I stand between SwiftUI and B4X. The Stanford University has published a series of 14 lectures about SwiftUI which I find very interesting. From my point of view it is a very good source to learn and understand about SwiftUI.

First session.

I am at lecture 3. For me it is harder to learn and understand SwiftUI compared with B4X. I take more time to understand. The advantage I see here is that I can have access to all features the Apple frameworks and platforms are offering.

Best regards