Learning a Language and Environment

Since long time I am fascinated that many people having different types of learning. But what I will never understand: people try sometimes to start with “nothing” but bare metal and want to get everything behind a language.
That would be possibly the best method of learning. But is it in the todays time the right way? I mean for example Java has nearly a million of libraries with differential use cases and use scenarios.

There is not really a chance to start at zero Point. But is there the need? Let’s go

Yes, but if the starter person does not know them ? They will start using the basics, sometimes they do not even read the docs…

to make a point, think they can do better, who knows, some people step out of the best path just to be different, and being different is all that is important.

zero might be different for people, for me zero is which IDE is the most likely to let me be productive most quickly, I am not interested in the code language as such, just that it puts my data on the screen where I want it, on as many platforms as possible.

What I think is missed here is there are different types of developers. Those that NEED to go from zero to 60 quickly as their income depends on sliding down a learning curve as fast as possible in order to begin productive levels.

Then there are those like me… I don’t care if/when I deploy a product… I’m past that… retired, so it is now all about the learning… The How and the Why. I would rather spend time learning the in and out of a new Language than spend hours or days learning a specialized IDE that may or may not be a good fit for my style of developing.

Over the years I have learned more languages than I can count (many of which I doubt most of your would have even heard of)… I rarely ‘failed’ at any of them, and became a recognized ‘expert’ in many more… (those however are no longer useful in the environment I find myself).

So just because someone else has a different outlook, a different way of learning, a different requirment for where they end up… doesn’t mean they are wrong, or you are right… just means the two of you have a different outlook… and different can be a good thing.

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