Lazarus / LCL

Does anyone have any experience with Lazarus /Free Pascal and the Lazarus Component Library (LCL)? Lazarus Homepage (

I’m not too interested in Pascal (that’s going back quite a way for me…), but apparently LCL can be used as a widget library independently. The Lazarus IDE also supports other languages (seems a bit hacky, of course). Interesting because there is a flattened version of the library with Go (and Rust and other) bindings. Of note, while LCL is LGPL, it uses a modified vision that allows for static linking, so looks like, with Go, you could have a single-file binary.

Screenshots of LCL-based apps look typical: Projects using Lazarus - Business Software - Free Pascal wiki , and the widget see seems complete to include a webview and code editor.

1-person project and all of that, but intriguing. (Author also built an extension for Lazarus to use Go).

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First of all the development of the plugin for Lazarus to use go has ended last year. Last activities showing it.

LCL lib is a pascal need to wrap it for all architectures to go. But the gui is old and not up to date.

The wrapper for go lang could be a nice hobby job I guess a pro would need for a rewrite of that components in go around 2 years.

The entire point is that if it is a pascal library you need to compile it for the platforms. It is a bit like wrapping java swing for go or other gui systems.

That means that you would have the same amount of work with it. But. It would make sense to build up a gui system for go while that is really needed for go to climb up to full stack language.