Latest Xojo Feedback broken?

Okay, so I just downloaded Xojo 2020 R1.1 because I wanted to upvote Norman’s latest feature request and you now apparently have to do it from within the Xojo app. So, I go to the Help menu and click on Feedback. Xojo fails silently. I reopen and it says that “there was a problem with Xojo. Would you like to report it?” or similar. I click yes, report the bug, and poof, it silently crashes again. So, how am I supposed to report this? Is anyone else on 1.1 and are they seeing the same?

What OS are you on ?

Do you have feedback installed?

Mac 10.15.6
@billg - I apparently don’t, but I can’t get into xojo’s site right now to try downloading it. For some reason, it is timing out on loading anything from Xojo for me. Others on Xojo forum confirm this is happening, but it appears to have been reported on feedback and supposedly fixed (not that I can see that). It does seem to have to do with the lack of the app and Xojo is apparently not doing basic error checking before trying to launch it, nor are they attempting to catch the exception. Thanks all.

Fixed but still not Verified, so it is not part of 2020r1.1, most likely it will be on next release.