King of Xojo customers…

You’re a bit late on the reading… this dates from last october; I had two haircuts since… :flying_disc:

Oh right. Then the exodus is going on for a while now.

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It does indeed. There were in the past (some 10 years ago) far more plugins available (paid and free ones). @bkeeney online trainings were profund and covered almost all aspects. Those who tried later usually gave up quite quickly.

That decline of activity in the ecosystem was for me the first indicator that something went dramatically wrong, shortly followed by the insane forum bans.

(Disclaimer: I never was against moderation, and I am not. Parts of the quality of a good forum actually depends heavily on moderation - but we have discussed often enough that here again the “Xojo Way” is insane).

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I remember that we had discussions about exactly that stuffs when I was shortly before my ban. And still it needed a time until you got that the Xojo way was broken. Something went wrong, yes, exactly that. But it was more than even something.

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The Xojo way

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Hmm, that moment when you laugh heartily and spontaneously and then think that it’s unfortunately inappropriate…

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No exclusivity to Xojo. All companies with narcissists in management positions do that.


sadly I’ve worked at 2 of them :frowning:
you’d think once would be enough …

Don’t beat yourself up over it. It is often hard to assess levels of narcissism pre-employment.

In addition, in my observation it is not necessarily true that at least to a point, narcissism is even a practical problem. Sometimes the single-minded vision that drives a founding business leader past various obstacles is partly a function of narcissism and this might not much effect you in your particular role or you might not mind putting up with it because you are more interested in the experience and some possibility of cashing in stock options or something.

No experience, even ones that are to some degree negative, is entirely wasted.

I once worked for a company run by a couple – basically a stereotypical California surfer dude and a California chicky-babe – who were both epically narcissistic and I took the role mainly because it was unusually good money and I knew it would only last at most a couple of years before either they or I pulled the plug. It was at the same time a chance to work on a deep level with new technology and an interesting problem domain, even if I doubted I would ever get to a final solution that I could take real pride in.

The trade-off ended up working well enough. In those days I was fighting to keep my late / previous wife alive and needed cash flow. I gained experience managing a small team rather than working alone. I sharpened my then-new .NET skills. When they eventually let me go – basically because I was starting to deliver working functionality and they could not bring themselves to wean off of their unscalable FileBreaker solution because they understood that better – neither I or nor they took it personally. It was truly “just business”.

But man, the stories I could tell about those two. One time they literally had all the employees and contractor’s jaws on the floor when they held a company lunch and mentioned casually that they planned to have themselves killed and frozen before they reached their 50th birthdays because they didn’t want to grow old and would rather risk that they could maybe be thawed out at some future date when aging was reversible (our offices were just a few blocks from Alcor, the company that, for a fee, would freeze your whole body, or just your head, for just this purpose, although they would not kill you – you had to die of some fatal disease or from natural aging).

IDK, the wingnuts make life amusing sometimes, and provide a living.

It is when you do not see it coming that it’s a problem.