Just updated my big app from 2018r4 to 2019r31

I have been putting off the update for sometime… but today, decided to give it a go. After many many many hours, I have it all ported to 2019 r31.

tomorrow… app testing, then more testing, then… you guest it… more testing :stuck_out_tongue:

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I should add… not sure if I found a bug or just odd behavior in 2019r31

in 2018r4, I could set app.MajorVersion = “20200414.0”

if I try to reference it to window title, when I go to build the app, the window doesnt display. As a workaround, I had to create a String property to reference and set app.MajorVersion = “0”

anyone else had this issue?

Not sure I follow ?

create a desktop app in 2019 r3.1

set MajorVersion to 20200418 and then click run:

I believe I never saw a major version as big as this one before. :rofl: Maybe they internally are storing major, minor, bug and build with limits like 99999.9999.9999.999999, as this entire version number fits in ONE Uint64, and your insanely :crazy_face: huge Major value explodes the things. :laughing:

a few years ago, I switched my version release from traditional numbering to the date of release which worked great in 2018 r4. Either way, I found a workaround… glad it wasnt me going crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

The field “Version” is string. You could set major and etc as usual, and put your release date code there…

oh wow, I must have glazed over that field. I ended up creating app.version string property. I will take a look at your suggestion.

When you install an app in windows, the version string field shows up in the line of your app in the “uninstall programs” section.