Just some interesting timing data

Part of a Swift app I am writing requires it to read the filenames of everything in the /RESOURCES directory… There are 116 files there at the moment

a REAL 9.7" iPad took 0.079 seconds
a REAL iPhoneSE (2020) took 0.083 seconds (about the same)
a i7 iMac took only 0.020 seconds (4x faster than the iPhone/iPad)

and the iOS Simulator took 0.130 seconds (not quite 2x a real device)

All these scenarios were running the exact same code (there was nothing unique per platform)

nothing earth-shattering… but I thought it was interesting to note

I had planned on having a progress bar while it did this… guess its not worth the trouble :slight_smile:

If the list was bigger and the timing was important, wouldnt you know the filenames in resources in advance?
You could just put them into a text file and read that.
Not needed here, obviously…

After some consideration… I determined that it would be prudent to cache some data from inside each file at app start… I doubt this will add more than another 1/10th of a second… but even if the initialization took 5 seconds, it would still be acceptable