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I have noticed since the last few days (my last actual email received that I had not deleted was July 8th) that all emails from this site are now going to junk.

I have not done any changes to Mail, ever, so its just decided to do this now, I do not know what it uses to qualify for junk but seemingly emails from this site now do qualify!

OSX 10.13.6 using Mail.

Hmm that’s odd. I haven’t changed anything server side. Are you finding you’re getting too many mails? Maybe that is triggering the junk filter in Mail?

errrrmmmm, nope I don’t think so, I have another forum (amateur radio) and I get 40 or more a day without problem, also get Xojo emails too, odd, in fact I very rarely get junk emails, maybe 2 or 3 a week.

can you suggest anything I can do with Mail to look at what it uses to classify as junk?

Easy. Mail doesn’t classify emails as junk whose sending address is in your address book. So simply create a new contact in AddressBook.app and add noreplay@ifnotnil.com as the new contact’s email address.

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ok, I will try that, even though its not done this since I joined the forum!

Mail uses many criteria to determine if an email should be considered junk. And it is constantly “learning”. So at one point it may come to the conclusion that emails from a specific address should always be considered junk. That’s what I think happened to you.

AddressBook.app is used as a whitelist by Mail.app. So if a sending address is found in your contacts, all further checking of the email is omitted and will never be marked as junk.

At least this is how I understand things. I may stand corrected…

ok, I added the email address, restated mail, and… junk again.

There is a setting in Mail that you can tell it explicitly it MUST be in your contacts
Its in Preferences > Junk Mail

Make sure you click on the email in the junk folder & tell mail this is NOT junk
Although new mails _should _ be exempt if you added the Mail > Junk Mail settings to exempt things that are in your contacts

there used to be a ‘not junk’ button in the header display of the email which is no longer there on my version, it is however now in the toolbar where it has been ignored as its not supposed to be there.

I hate using other peoples software!

looks like its possibly working! thanks all.