Java Page Panel?

my favourite xojo window accessory, the page panel, seems not to be part of the Java world so anyone any idea how to design multiple window and show only one at once? or something else that would allow GUI design that is ‘paged’ in Java.

something like the TAB Pane, without the tabs really.

Here are tons of tutorials about swing

In JavaFX you would make a new „Scene“ for every panel from your Xojo-Pagepanel, then use the method „setScene()“ of the „Stage“ (a.k.a. Window) to display and switch the Scenes.

Example here:

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JavaFX would be also an alternative. Gluon Scenebuilder could be the right designer for it.

Thanks for the replies, I do spend a HUGE amount of time looking for stuff and a lot of what I find is contradictory and other stuff is not helpful or out of data, just so we all know I am not looking for a free ride or someone to write code for me!

one issue I find is terminology, every language seems to call every component of the language something different, no help there, make searching for things very hard work and time consuming, as I am sure everyone has experienced.

maybe I should have also given a narrower brief.

I am looking at using ONLY Netbeans IDE, which I suppose limits the audience (in this forum) somewhat.

the FX scene looks a great concept, but adds complexity to my learning process that RIGHT NOW I would try to miss, I hope to use only the bare IDE if at all possible for all functionality I can garner, same as I have always done in xojo, no third party plugins in any code, not to be clever, I just prefer to work with the default tools unless completely unable.

After posting this topic I did start to mess about within Netbeans a little more.

I have now found I can add any number of jPanel to a window and by double clicking them in ‘Navigator’ I can add panel specific components to them and edit them in the IDE as I had hoped.

in code I then am just making them xor visible and it does basically the same from a user view as the page panel does in xojo.

First of all javaFx is a standard tool. Second it’s also part of the given standards of java and netbeans. Next is: you try to compare xojo and java. That’s not working at all. Xojo is a screwdriver and java is a fighting jet. Xojo is simply a collection of a few open source breadcrumbs and so in xojo everything works a bit different. In java not. You can’t even compare the functionality.

Even when you use NetBeans you use tons of libraries. And that’s normal in java world. Only that you can have the most stuff for free is something in the xojo world is not really to find.

If you decide to use swing for desktop: use swing and work through the online library I gave you above. If you want javaFx then use javaFx. Fix is not swing and vice versa. Means you can have swing of fx. That’s not the same!

You can try törnten without libraries but why??? Makes only live complex

And yes, you can paste as much panels as you want and set them visible when and how ever you want to. That’ s no problem at all

I think you can use card layout for the page panel.
use jScrollPane for tab panel

Card Layout is also a good option. It can do what you want to do.

Hi All, thanks for the messages, yes I figured out the CARD earlier and have been beavering away at the layout and its working perfectly, happy bunny!

I am going to use card layout in my screen with jTabbedPane ( on my previous, I mention jScrollPane which is wrong)

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Like I see there is no external help needed anymore. It goes from itself. And that’s the evidence that Java can be a replacement for Xojo! Nice to know!

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