Java is too verbose ...... (or is it ?)

the language has improved a lot since the last time you touched it I’d guess

It is verbose. But I like it. And it’s memory save, priceless simple, fast as heck and the biggest ecosystem. So yes, I really like the language. And it is in strongest development.

The interesting thing about that video is that the fellow shows off several relatively new features which really cut the verbosity way down

Not that I ever griped about it when I wrote Java all day every day

That’s exactly the point Norman. I had never any problem with it. I like for example the good Errormessages of the compiler. And I really love syntax checking. And so many more features. So is it verbose? For sure. Disturbs it in any form? At least not me.

Many people see a problem in it which I can not find for me. But, like I said, for me. Other people may have other Ideas. And it is no question, Java comes always with a warning: it is never native. In no circumstances you get a native application.

It still looks and is very verbose. I think video mostly demonstrated how IntelliSense can make it less verbose. :wink: While I am not a big fan of Java, verbosity is not necessary a bad think as almost anyone can read Java code.

The features that person uses are indeed exposed quickly using intellisense

But they are purely Java features - you could write that same code with NotePad or any other tool
You or I might not write it as quickly without intellisense but the end resulting code would compile with javac from any there tool just as well

Readability is one of the good features of Java. Compare it with c++… even c# has no chance against Java. And that*s it. I programmed in C, C++, C#, Rust, Python, Xojo (what is Xojo), Pascal and many others. Some are verbose, some not.

Looking on it I can get out fast: it is less complex to write Java code than writing c++ code. Beside the not available GC in c++ it is the verbosity.

Speaking about this: no Xojo fan can speak about the verbosity of Java…Xojo is …

Interestingly, I think Fortran is probably the easiest programming language to read. I took a little break from 8th programming and decided to try writing a Tetris game in Fortran. I still need to add correct tetromino colors, UI and scoring but tetromino block handling was really easy to implement.


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To be fair that was quite interesting, it’s good to see Java’s verbosity is being cut down.

It is cut down. Beside that you can use with IntelliJIdea AI tools without any problem. Using the copilot chat you can also use it with netbeans but external not inside Netbeans.