It looks like it

Hi all,

I just read about Microsoft Edge (for MacOS 10.12 or later) minutes ago.

I disabled and removed my VirtualBox some months ago (six or more). So I do not had news from MS/Windows 10.

So, I downloaded the package (yes it is) and took what seems its icon (I saw it in the web news).

Here it is:


and here the original (json from en.wikipedia/wiki/json):

You got the idea.

After stealing the Butterfly from WorldPerfect (decades ago), … :wink:

Nope. Not at all. That is a orange versus an apple. The edge icon is a hybrid of the old lowercase “e” icon that dates back to Microsoft’s old Internet Explorer years and a crashing wave that might have something to do with surfing the web. The Json one is some infinite donut which represents the free structure of the format. You are seeing things that are not there.


I’ve had it installed since Nov 2020

I have bad eye… for me both are cousins or so.

Mirage ?

More like the hybrid of the old e and the chromium logo, then, stilized as a crashing wave.

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You may say anything to everything, but I saw what I wrote:

The Edge icon look comes from the json ( icon.

That is what my old and bad eye saw.

Your point of view can be different and I respect that.