Isn’t Feedback harder to follow with less status?


TBH they changed after I posted about my personal stats

They don’t like that people can see those stats at all
OR that we can see what things HAVE had activity (recently active) etc

Secrecy :man_shrugging:

As for archived” status isn’t applied to all old” cases
there are also several that I have asked be reopened as they still exist in the very latest version
So far I don’t see that any have been

I thought about posting this to you privately but public is more likely to get some kind of reaction as I know they read these forums


Surprised they didn’t delete it on TOF as that seems common if you question their actions.

The bug report/fix stages for most developers and tracking tools are both self explanatory and quite standard. Why Xojo implemented what they did is madness and more than likely an attempt to hide issues.

Thanks Norman.

Secrecy… Looks like it, yes. That’s a shame.
I’d think they could be proud of what they resolve (or, at least, have this as a goal) and show progress on cases, but, instead, they seem to choose to hide things so they can slow progress (it’s how I’m interpreting that).

BTW: no problem for me in responding publicly.

They seem to have gotten more & more secretive over the years
I suppose there’s some aspect of “we don’t tell you this because all everyone does is beat us up with that data”
At least thats how it appears

But I really don’t know any more

EDIT : I have an email with a statement that says

From my point of view, your bringing up these cases appears to be some kind of test. You want us to prove to you that we can fix compiler bugs.

I file the bug reports because I experienced the bug - not as a test just to have a test.
But, that statement does illustrate the attitude which disappoints the hell out of me
OK so treat it as a test - I really don’t care - fix them and pass the test !
Do something to make me believe again
But thats not what has/had happened
A bunch of them are archived now
I’ve requested several be reopened
I have little faith they will be reviewed again and reopened

EDIT 2 : here’s my current counts


I see from TOF that Feedback is offline for maintenance for “up to 48 hours”.

Sounds like a lot of maintenance. Let’s hope it’s something nice!

They migrate to a new server.
I look forward to the improvements :slight_smile:

New server ?
Aka new bug reporting system (please please please please !!!)
Or just moving from one DO droplet to a bigger one ?

has to be the former as resizing a droplet doesnt take 48 hours

guess we’ll see - and see what gets dropped along the way

Maybe upgrading the underlying OS and database server version and transferring data rather than in place?

Doubt they’d give up and acknowledge that Feedback isn’t fit for purpose.

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I always see this ‘up to 48 hours’ when doing DNS/IP changes to servers.

Perhaps some migration for the upcoming web-based Feedback version?

The new Feedback arrived

Yes, and I’ve already noticed some tags are back :slightly_smiling_face:

Its a step in the right direction

I’m not a fan so far.

Its definitely different

So was RealBugs to FogBugz to FeedBack…

Am I missing any other RB/RS/Xojo bug reporting systems?


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I don’t think so
Those are the only ones I recall

Well aint that fun
Archived is literally acting like we havent touched this and probably arent going to in the near future
Regardless of whether the issue still exists or not
Just had about 40 cases archived as they haven’t been touched in 3 years
Many still exist I just don’t have the energy to go ask they be reopened
Esp since the ones I had previously asked to be reopened haven’t been yet

Literally why bother ?

It seems like Xojo Inc literally don’t care about users or bugs. They fix bugs they want to and leave others for ages; showstoppers or not.
They spend so much effort to “make it simple for new users” as they put it, but if they looked after users and their software they wouldn’t need to anywhere near as much as they wouldn’t have the churn.

I too gave up after every bug I encountered was left, denied (despite verifications by MVPs) or simply not bothered with.

They frequently complain about “trolls” putting their product down, I believe these are just the poor sods fed up with using a half baked product and willing the say it, knowing full well in their forum it will be deleted and their account banned for 1000 years. :joy: