Is Xojo Considered "Low Code"?

In the NetSuite webinar today Tim Dietrich described Xojo as being “Low Code”…

is it generally considered to be that?

BTW Why I am listing to the webinar, is because while the webinar was live, I was in a meeting at work going over a NetSuite Demo because we are considering it for an ERP.


I wouldn’t say it is
Not like FM, or Bubble or some other “low code” tools

That is what i thought.


This is a marketing term excessively used in Filemaker world. They call it low code even when Java scripting is involved :upside_down_face:

Describing Xojo as low Code makes it simple to see: it is not a High-Level programming language but a Low Code tool with major limitations in it’s abilities. In this case I would say: yes, Xojo has good functionality. For a Low Code System. But it is not a real professional programming language. It is a low Code TOOL. Under this circumstances I would say: yep. But it isn’t a professional System for Software Development. It is a Low Code Tool for simple projects which are not in the need of the full-fledged functionality of a professional language. There is no need for nothing anymore. Totally described how Xojo looks on itself.