Is Xojo a 'memory safe' language?

The Case for Memory Safe Roadmaps

Is Xojo “memory safe”? I forget

Yes, Xojo is a memory safe language. Whether a language is “memory safe” is only a question of whether (and to what extent) it has guardrails against memory management mistakes.

Since Xojo markets to non-professional programmers, its guardrails are reinforced and padded. In fact, the overhead of all the runtime bounds and nil checks is a contributing factor to Xojo’s large executable files and mediocre performance. There are even pragma directives you can use to turn these off for the most performance-critical code.

I’d say it tries to be and it gets a long way there

But there are still ways to do things that are not safe using Ptrs that could lead to crashes and lord knows if those could be used as attack vectors