Is Unicode Available - Can't remember command

Hi everyone,

There is a command that I used that determined if unicode was available in a Windows OS with Xojo. I can’t remember the command. Does anyone remember it?

LOL, its days like this I am feeling old… :slight_smile:

Basically just use System.IsFunctionAvailable on a “W” version of a windows declare.

But it’s not actually necessary. Every version of Windows released in the last 20+ years (and all versions supported by Xojo) are Unicode aware.

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I think you have to go back to Windows 95 or so to find a version of Windows that optionally had unicode support

Thanks Drew and Norm,

I agree that Unicode is THE way to go, and old legacy systems had only ANSI support. LOL, I thought there was some command that I used in If-else statements that detected ANSI vs Unicode.

I’ll go back to using a legacy printer function to detect Unicode.

Thanks for the quick responses!

You mean in Xojo code ?

Yes, there was a command in Xojo that I used to detect Unicode.

Oops, I should have mentioned Xojo.

Only thing I ever knew of was to call IsFunctionAvailable on an Unicode function name that exists in every version of Windows and check the result
Something like

dim isUnicodeSavvy as boolean
isUnicodeSavvy = System.IsFunctionAvailable( "SendMessageW", "User32" )

SendMessage should exist on every version of windows back to the beginning of time

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