Is there anything better than DROPBOX?

My client is currently using DROPBOX to transfer lots of images.
They used to use FTP to transfer these images.

@TomasJ, i remember you mention something before but I can’t remember what is it

Google Drive, Onedrive? Especially if they have either office product which comes with the additional storage.

Hi Trisha, I am using Nextcloud on my own hardware. The handling and syncing with the Desktop Client is quite the same but of course everything stays on your own hardware and is fully GDPR compliant, greetings to Richard and stay healthy!

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i will have a look at NextCloud.

Might want to take a look at

The desktop client application is a Xojo app. (I know cuz I did it.)

Dropbox has saved my life so many times, I can’t imagine using something else.
I would however prefer that new folders would default to NOT syncing on other machines…

i only assign one folder on my mac to do dropbox sync

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Box is really good also.

Actually, Dropbox was the reason a friend nearly lost all her data.

She had a 1 TB Dropbox from work so kept ALL her data in it for synchronisation and backup.

She used it with her MacBook Pro, her iMac, and her Windows Work PC.

You can guess what happened?

Her work PC got infected with Ransomware and ALL her files were encrypted … which synchronised across her computers.

Luckily she hadn’t used her iMac for a week and not gotten any work done anyway as her husband was in hospital, so I could wipe her PC and her MBP, and then sync from her iMac.

But that was an attack vector that I had not yet considered …

Having important files in Dropbox is not an excuse to not also back them up elsewhere.

That said, with a paid Dropbox account like this you can revert to a previous version of all the files with Rewind.

But isn’t it so that you can revert to a certain file version in Dropbox web interface?

The reason was the ransomware not dropbox. That’s like saying my offsite backup system is the reason I lost all my data, if I backed up all my infected files to it.
Dropbox rewind would likely have saved this person. NOT having a backup would have been a recipe for disaster.

I would think that even a simple timemachine backup on a Mac would offer another way out.

Give a look as well. Been using that for years and works pretty well.

Another option (free up to 50Gb) is, which is a lot more secure… comes with web access and an app that runs in the menu/status bar for desktops. If security is the issue i’d suggest this one…

This is the backup I use, which also has links for all of the screen-grabs that are shown in each of the forums that I actively participate. I have been using them for years and it is free up to about 1- gigabyte (this seems to change upwards).

The only negative part about mediafire is the advertise-ware that they use on their site when someone downloads a file.

I have not seen the site ever go down, files have always remained safe, and I have been using it for many years.

Yeh agreed - i’ve never seen Mediafire go down and i’ve been using it for possibly more than 15 or so years (not really sure tbh!).
Mega is also an interesting and apparently ridiculously secure online storage - worth a look.

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I use imgur at for years for the screen shot on the forums.
For offsite backup i am using backblaze. use to use the other one than close down about 2-3 years ago… cannot remember the name now… richard just told me it is CRASHPLAN

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I did not know mediafire is for backup too… i only see it being use to host images for forum

that’s where they promote it’s main value - and the iOS app only caters for this really.
But i’ve been using this to back up a ton of invaluable files over the years (i pay for extra storage so don’t see adverts either) and use it routinely to send large files that are too big to email.

Only real downside is that corporate firewalls mark it as a ‘filesharing site’ (well, duh…) and block it. Although apparently onedrive is permitted…

i think our client having problem with security using dropbox. maybe the problem is with the firewalls like you mention above

Dropbox has a version history feature.

With some accounts, you can see all changes made to a file for 30 days, other plans offer 180 days, and even a business plan that can get 10 years.

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