Is it really safer to buy from a big name? (Xojo Blog)

Those quotes show what you did not say and it looks like that while they are a direct reaction to your words. Somehow it looks a bit weird in case of the stuffs you wrote. I was wondering.

Sorry, not my intention.

@thorstenstueker reading your frequent posts on this forum and realizing you have long-standing technical knowledge, a company of a technological nature, a team of professional programmers, etc., I wonder how you could have chosen to use Xojo so intensively you have serious difficulties in abandoning it (I vaguely remember your posts on TOF a few years ago).
just my curiosity.

Simple. A customer wanted that for a big project and was not able to get that it will be a big risk. Hence we developed a product series together we had that problem immediately while the change to web 2 was not like xojo told in front and there’s the end of story. All other apps are java or c++ and there will never be another one. But this one was a 120000 lines of code monster which influenced all customers and so I had to redevelop in Java with technologies I know and trust. What shall I say that was it in short form. Sometimes big players want something get it and pay for it. That I had to pay was not fair but happened.

Surprised this actual truth was allowed in:

“Xojo isn’t perfect. We’ve made our share of mistakes, such as our transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0“


They promised project importing if web 1 projects to web 2 and delivered no chance of a real import but new write of projects. That’s a bit worse than what they wrote

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Why not decline the project?

Would you decline a million? Don’t think end that fuzzy discussion here. You may feel more smart than all others but you have no team you need to pay and to have work for and so on. Maybe you’re retired. With 49. Nothing to be proud of while being to lactose work. That’s my meaning. I could retire with 39 and was not. What you think you are?

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Yeah saying there was a “transition” implies you could sort of move web 1 to web 2
Which you couldn’t - at least not in any useful way
Been there tried that

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I thought the same for a minute. Seemed really weird…

just a side effect of how quoting works
those items were in my post, as quotes, from Xojos blog
when sam replies to those it shows as a quote from me
but thats fixed in Sam’s post

interesting to see they are getting push back about the questionable premise of the post itself

Like this post
Availability of talent is/was a serious consideration way back when I was part of the IT group(s) that selected tool for enterprise use
And on that count Xojo fails

I recently helped a client go through this exact question.
And they looked & looked for Xojo developers in their area and could not find ANY
Their alternative was to find Access developers
They found hundreds in a day

They decided NOT to use Xojo since they could not find any local developers (never mind expert developers)

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We have several former consulting clients that are now using different development tools for this very reason. No one knows Xojo. No one wants to learn it because it’s not transferable to another job. The market for Xojo is not growing and is shrinking for lots of reasons.


Not a single job offer…

All of those reasons can be traced back to aPoor Management :frowning:


What shall I say, around my House I found 323 Jobs under 80km distance for Java, even 118 Jobs for C++, 89 for C#, 221 for Python, 26 for GOLang, 18 for Xcode, Swift I forgot to search, 4 for Rust, 42 for C and NONE for Xojo even in a distance unlimited. What that tells to me? it is no Language worth to learn I mean either. But that was known before 10 years and it is known in 10 years. But sadly not helping at all. This few Developers are not from interest for an Industry. Searching in an Industry where you may have a few Million Jobs inside will help. Even Gelang has more Jobs.

Reading the Ideas of some Xojo Devs it sounds they have millions of users. But no Jibs around for it. Here one, there one. But not as much as needed that there could be something called an Industry.


The failure to understand that they’re not building JUST a tool - but an ecosystem as well

Trust me Bob and I tried - along with many others - to convince them this was a good thing and that they should invest the time as it would pay them back in spades

They didnt
It hasn’t



For building a real Ecosystem it Ould be < real need to have Namespaces and to have. plugin character which is worth of calling it like that. And we could see how it grows. But they don’t have all of this also no sync-async, Threading and much more. So we will never see any step in front. And this missed steps are the biggest problem. Missed chances on all edges and that makes a missing ecosystem, missing functionalities, missing possibilities. They could be much bigger and much more interesting, much more known. The end is clear: nobody will really miss this tool at the end. Most pro developers will run and choose other tools. Look on Bob for example. And in that case the tool will die while nobody wants to pay 799,- for a dead product.

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There’s a LOT of their pro users that have said “I’m using something else now”
I do wonder haw many just silently moved on
I think the number might be a lot larger than we suspect


Guess what? As far as I know I have a few projects moving away. Why? While the technology is ended up. No chance for real working with it. And no technology behind which can be used in a real good sense. What I am doing is: working on Software. What I want to provide for the customers? Software which can be maintained over decades if needed on a stable and reliable platform. Nothing else.

The people wrote internal solutions and got to the points that it is not really working over the time. And this time is needed for all customers. People want solutions running long time in the market. That’s what they need while they need to provide solutions to their customers.

Does it has problems on Board? Yes, somebody has to rewrite from Xojo to something. What ever it is. Always.

Do we think this post will last?