Is Flutter getting sick?

I was looking for the 2024 Flutter Roadmap, usually written by a guy called Ian “Hixie”. No news, things are quite quiet, then I’ve found this:


I literally could never figure out what any part of it meant, even after years of hearing her describe it. Her understanding of what her teams are doing is minimal at best; she frequently makes requests that are completely incoherent and inapplicable. She treats engineers as commodities in a way that is dehumanising, reassigning people against their will in ways that have no relationship to their skill set. She is completely unable to receive constructive feedback (as in, she literally doesn’t even acknowledge it)

yet the github for flutter seems to roll on

In a very, very slow pace. In 2023 we expected Flutter for Desktop becoming feature complete and looks like that not even in 2024 it will.

Even if expected, Flutter goes its own way. Maybe it will come 24 or even later. For them it makes no difference. And I guess better slow especially for new platforms. Looking on the green ones I can only say: fast releasing buggy crap is not the best way.

I am not a fan of flutter and dart and I prefer to use Codenameone for mobile applications but to be fair: it is an adult solution for mobile development with a huge amount of apps in the app stores. So I would say: waiting with passion is the best way.

read the first sentence, then the last, i’m assuming he got fired/quit, so he wrote a rant page about it.

the twiter/git account of flutter seams pretty active

so no conclusion should be taken

I guess you didn’t read their next post:

The Future is Flutter

Despite my departure from Google, I am not leaving Flutter — the great thing about open source and open standards is that the product and the employer are orthogonal…

Flutter is amazingly successful. It’s already the leading mobile app development framework, and I think we’re close to having the table stakes required to make it the obvious default choice for desktop development as well (it’s already there for some use cases)…

In the coming month I will prepare our roadmap for 2024 (in consultation with the rest of the team). For me personally, however, my focus will probably be on fixing fun bugs, and on making progress on blankcanvas, my library for making it easy to build custom widget sets…

Hixie's Natural Log


Yesterday Google fired another batch of hundreds. 1/3 of January is gone, and the 2024 plans are not public yet.

The 2023 evolution was slow, my fear is having a 2024 even slower, just it. Flutter won’t die anytime soon.

The Desktop multi-view, multi-window, platform-views are a work in progress forever, since 2019, with expectations for 2023 but now some parts are still at “design stage”, that means a document being written about what to do.

They are implementing things at pace near to 4 years for a feature. Will this increase?

With those lay-offs still getting going, maybe we will see the 2024 plans at the end of February. :laughing:

I see, but… that post was done in 2023-11-22

He said that the 2024 roadmap should be done in December… and it should be published early in January because the community expects it eagerly. Something delayed such paper in December too.


Hmm. Interesting. And here I am diving into Flet. Am I joining another sinking ship?

I dislike the Flet idea. I think that no one should add another abstraction layer on top of Dart. Delays doesn’t make a sinking ship, just a slow boat. I’m seeing new faces popping at the Flutter repo, I think they replaced some low pace engineers with some “we don’t know what to do” ones.

What is the reason for using Flet?

You should either adopt Flutter directly or via a thida party develop tool like FlutterFlow or Blup.

If you are a Python fan and want a good Full Stack web app toolkit the check out Anvil. Its a fantastic open sourced self hostable tool for die hard Py fans.

Why? What’s wrong with Flet?

You guys are just making up names - admit it… :slight_smile:

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Naw if they were making up names & products there might be Flit, Hover, Flap, Twitch, Thrash & Flail :stuck_out_tongue:

Thesaurus’ are so much fun !
Thesauri ?

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Only when split in multiple volumes.