Iossound very quiet is really quiet. Is there a way to increase the volume, such has hands free?

Hi Paul ,welcome.

with the best will in the world I doubt anyone can help currently, a little more information if you will.

which compiler, version of the compiler, code used and perhaps platform and how you have tested it will give someone a fighting chance to help!


Just on xojo , is there more than one compiler ?
I have seen other people asking the same question.

Would it be an inappropriate question to ask if you adjusted the volume on the phone?

Hi Paul,

there are many compilers that build iOS, this is not just a forum for the Xojo compiler.

so if its Xojo, as I mention above, which version of the compiler is it as that may also change what might be the problem as xojo is not consistent between versions, also xojo is sadly lacking in many many iOS functions, the main guy for iOS on xojo is Jeremy Leroy (as far as I know) I do not think he comes on this forum.

glad someone else replied, I have now exhausted my xojo iOS knowledge.

Probably the best solution is to use another tool for iOS, have you tried B4i?

I have just bought bfi!