iOS signing calamities

It feels like with each and every update of either macOS, iOS or Xojo the process of building for iOS is breaking… I can’t tell how tired I am of this :face_vomiting:

Every. firjing. time.
Im with you.
I have an app that needs updating and I cannot sign it to submit it
Something about the certificate not matching the provision.

I have and can create other apps, but cant update the older one.

And if I install Monterey it will break.
If I upgrade Xojo it will break.
Scared to sneeze.

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Of course there is a super simple solution… Where the code-signing doesn’t break if you upgrade Xcode or update macOS… and the is abandon Xojo for doing iOS work, and use Swift instead… but hey that is just my opinion… I have trouble understanding people that PAY for a substandard tool, when a superior one is availabe for FREE… sure there is a slight learning curve… but it really isn’t that difficult

I have 20 years into Xojo and I am too old to change BUT, I am having the same problem. I have tried getting a new Apple WWDR CA and then generating new iOS Developer Cert. Keychain Access says that my iOS Developer Cert is not trusted. Don’t know what is causing that.

I had 15 years invested in Xojo, and I bet I’m older than you are…

77 next month. But over the many years I have come to realize that you are smarter than I am Dave.

ok… so you ARE older than me :)… I’m just 65 :smiley:

If it means anything I know in the current R3 pre-release they did a TON of work on signing. They worked with me on Enterprise signing for one of my client apps. It’s way more robust now with better error messages.

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