iOS certificates

I’ve trying to sort out why when I go into Xcode 11.5 preferences to manage certs is wont permit me to add the iOS ones ?

Anyone else ?

Sorry, still on 10.14, and plan on staying there for a while.
I did patch my version of XCode to allow me to deploy to iOS13.5 devices, but thats about it…

I just renewed all of my certificates about 2 weeks ago, with no issues


  1. you need to download the latest Xcode to another drive … I installed CAT on a test drive, so I had a copy there
  2. Shut down the copy of Xcode that you are using (ie. the Mojave one)
  3. open this directory in BOTH copies of Xcode (you need to show pkg contents)
  1. from the NEW copy of Xcode copy any folders (13.4, 13.5) that DO NOT exist in the old/current copy of Xcode
  2. close all folders in both copys
  3. restart the current version of Xcode

When you COMPILE a program, the highest version to compile for will still be 13.2, but you can now DEPLOY to devices up to 13.5

You can do the same thing for the MacOS.Platform directory… but DO NOT copy folders for ANY Simulator… I don’t know what will happen but don’t think it would be good

I ran across this on some blog a number of weeks ago, when I attempted to deploy an app to my iPhone, and it said it couldn’t find the device support files… now it can


If you can’t get access to a new copy of Xcode (as I think you need a CAT install to do it, let me know and I’ll try to email to you (about 30mg unzipped)

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Thanks! I might take you up on that :wink:

The Apple Development & Apple Distribution are the iOS ones (according to properties in the certificates). Apple deprecated the Mac ones, except for the installer.