Interesting web development alternative

Anvil: Web Apps with Nothing but Python

Interesting indeed, a Python iDE of sorts … :thinking:

I looked into Anvil and it looks very interesting. I still need to figure out the cost of their business and how the database stuff works.

If they really do the limit in the Data Table Rows, any medium proyect will end in the $ 649 mo. in no time

You can completely host your apps on your own servers using your own in-house databases without any charge. You have to pay, if you don’t want to or can’t maintain your own infrastructure. This is fair.

Well, sure, they have the option; “Complete local Anvil deployment: the Anvil Editor, all the source code for your apps and the hosting platform - all running on your own servers.” You just need a “Enterprise Plan” to run everything on your own servers.

But, they dont even have a price tag on that (just a “Request a quote”) so, I don’t expect to be any cheaper

Have a look at at Anvil’s deployment options.

  • Build and deploy your apps on your company’s private servers – If you want the full Anvil experience, with an integrated editor and one-click deployment, but you need it on your company’s private network, check out Anvil Enterprise.

  • Build in the cloud, host your apps locally – You can build your apps with the Anvil Editor, then clone them with Git and host them on any computer in the world with the Anvil App Server.

That they dont list a price for Anvil For Enterprise often means its expensive (more than 649 / month )
Thats not to say its not worth it though

Ok, ok, interesting but still somehow confusing. So, to avoid the really expensive Enterprise, you still have to use the RAD editor on their cloud, then clone it to run the code on your own server :thinking:

That reduces the cost to free for basic functionality or $49/mo (588/year) to being able to use the python libraries.

Interesting, also to consider, if they have a problem with their server or decide to close the site, you loose the IDE.

If you already know Java, the following options can be interesting:

You write Java code and the result is a web application. All three options are open source and free (but there are also extensions you can buy).

I don’t think they support much the ‘run locally’ option:

How’d you end up there ?

Following the open source link:

then clicking

AH I see - I went through the docs and didnt see this :stuck_out_tongue:

And going through the docs I think you end up with the Enterprise pages

Try the free R package and build shiny apps…

Shiny apps using R and R studio

R is not hard to learn, and there is a huge community supporting it.

Customers with RStudio Connect or Shiny Server Pro subscriptions can contact our dedicated support team for our commercial offerings at

They’ve really obfuscated pricing / licensing. What is the licensing for this system?

You can run through the tutorials and get things working on your own computer. Then, I believe, there is a way to have the application you build run indrpendently of the build environment. That means it should be able to place the app on your own web site and link to it. I am still trying to work through the tutorials myself, but tge results do far look really interesting. R and R studio are very powerful and show great promise.

If I’m allowed to do some self promotion, I’ll add my BANano library… :wink: