Interesting watch: Why Mac M1 are faster and cooler than M2 and M3 and direct competition to them

I just watched this video and thought it will interest others here.


Interesting analysis

While the Snapdragons do seem to finally get sufficient performance to make Windows on ARM work well …

Its still Windows :slight_smile:

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oh wait

not really surprised

EDIT : interesting read
Folks getting hands on will be the truest test given this article IF what they say is true

Giant grains of salt both ways

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“Windows on ARM is still said to be in a painfully awful state, or perfect by Microsoft standards.”

That made me lol :laughing:

Maybe Qualcomm’s benchmarks are accurate as long as you’re using an OS ( e.g. Chrome OS? ) other than Windows RT and they were just hoping MS would be up to speed before launch.

Yeah the hype and misinformation around all this leaves me thinking that its truly wait & see how much of this is even close to the truth ?

With a thumbnail like that I almost avoided the video, but it turned out to be well thought out and not at all a dip into sensationalism that the thumbnail appears to be.

It’s almost like they PPC’d themselves except they can still push yearly releases. With the current corporation fad to reduce costs and increase profits no matter what, they can create increasing profits only on support cutoffs and keeping many things the same once they reach their wall. No one that matters to them will care that it’s stagnated from too rapid a development cycle.

Remember when processor generations and major versions would be longer than a year apart? It feels like Apple’s CPU iteration here is meant to drive sales, and I assume the long term plan for that is mostly hype improvements yearly and create cutoffs on processor name/type and not on if features are supported.

Their tendency to re-add removed features but only on the latest hardware helps with that. Creating a new processor version every year, regardless of how trivial the improvement, adds to that drive. This is depressing.