Interesting tool which brought memories of VB6/Xojo back in a rush!

I was suggested by a fellow developer in another forum to check out DecSoft App Builder. It is desktop based application builder.

When I tried its demo I was pleasantly surprised! It felt so VB/Xojo like where we can build the UI inside a desktop visual IDE without having to use any browser!


Decsoft looks impressive!

Interessting until you see that for the complete functionality you need 60 plugins sold separatelly…

hmm, what does that remind me of, hmm…

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Hi there!

Firstly, thanks to @YogiYang and @eugenedakin for your kind words. I am David Esperalta, the developer of DecSoft App Builder, and I just joined the conversation here to say thanks, since I really appreciate the references to my work. So thanks very much!

Iván, sorry if I did not mention it to you properly, but apparently I need some more posts to mention more than two users in the same post. You are talking about another, different product; my DecSoft NeoPlugins are not for DecSoft App Builder.

Thanks again for the kind words, guys! I hope you find DecSoft App Builder interesting! All my software is published in a “full demo manner”, which means you can try it without limitations in time or characteristics; only if you find it useful for you and your projects can you then proceed to purchase it.

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Well, that is obvious for YOU, but most potential clients will not know the “different product”. Usually when someone is looking for a new tool start at the store, if they see the 60 plugins named DecSoft… listed just below your actual product that also says DecSoft… chance are that most will tink that your product needs those €900 to work and close the page without a second thought. :thinking:

@ivan, maybe you are right, and we must or can differentiate a bit more the products on the store page, however, my point is that DecSoft NeoPlugins and DecSoft App Builder are different products, and that’s all. In my above post, I only wanted to clarify that point for you and other possible interested people here.

Thanks anyway for your interest!