Interesting Solution for adding Authorization and related features in any app for free!

Interesting Solution for adding Authorization and related features in any app for free!!

Not really, if you’re externalizing your user management, you have already lost all targets of information security (CIA triad, onfidentiality, integrity, and availability) by definiton.


Exactly. Unusable cause of European law for user data protection. Would end up in an real expensive fine.

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If anyone is interested in doing it the Apple approved way (and for free), here is a guide from Apple’s Quinn the eskimo.

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Not really.

In fact this is the trend lately.

If anyone has used Firebase will surely know that to use it effectively one has to use its default Authentication feature.

Well, if 2016 is “lately” for you (Link)

Who uses Firebase? Sending data without any consent to any 3rd party cloud services is not right either. It seems to me, you are completely missing the basic rules, how to write/ develop apps in Europe.

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I have used Firebase in may web apps.

And personally I don’t give a shit about what Europe governments think. I have built quite a few web apps which many people in Netherlands, UK and Italy use on daily basis since a year now.

These web app are hosted on Contabo and I have still not recieved any complain from anywhere!

One app is hosted on Google Cloud and it is used by users of a company which has multiple branches in Europe and US.

Well, then you would not mind to give us the Playstore/Appstore link of your App, would you?

If there is one customer the billing will be expensive enough, starts for you then at 50000 Euro. And trust me, you will not make one Euro in Europe after

Such general statements are often wrong. It always depends.

thousands of devs

Sorry, these “standard contractual” (SCC) or “legitimate Interests” clauses are invalidated by ECJ. Meta, Google and others already paid Billions of Euros of fines and tried to evade this unsuccessfully. There is no legal basis for any data transfer between EU and US especially when done without any consent.

The fact that everybody in the tech bubble ignores it, makes it not more valid.

Ahhm sorry. After checking this product I can tell you: not compliant. No European company is allowed to use this software for production by law