Interesting : MICROSOFT

Microsoft today announced that it is permanently closing its physical stores worldwide. The company's retail employees will continue to serve customers through Microsoft's corporate offices and remotely, providing sales, training, and support.

You know when they started their stores there was

Hey Apple did that how hard can it be ?

And apparently the answer is really damned hard

Nobody “wants” microsoft but they do want Apple. In a large local mall there might be 0 to 4 people in the Microsoft store while 30 feet away the Apple store had a line out the door.

A few years back, I was at a local mall, that had an Apple Store and about 100 yds away was a brand New Microsoft Store. I was there for the Apple store, but decided to just see what the MS store was like. WOW… other than they had on different color shirts, you’d swear you were in an Apple Store (well except for the fact that nobody wanted to help you, unlike Apple)… I mean seriously, have some imagination… That particular MS store closed way back when… Too many people walking in and going “Opps… wrong store… sorry!”

This strikes me as something MS believed they had

That same level of customer adoration (that seems like the right word)
But they didnt

Was in a large mall in San Antonio and there was an MS “store” in the middle of the mall without a soul except for staff
Less than 30 feet away was Apple’s store and it had a constant stream of people in and out the whole time

hmmm… this is problematic, where do I go to get help with my zune now?

oh you dont wanna know the answer to that one :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

sorry I cant help pointing and laughing

Same place where you get your “BOB” update?

Isnt that on the shelf to the left of Clippy ?

unless they moved it, then yes… right next to copies of Windows ME

My favourite 3 boxes all lined up on a shelf Windows CE,ME,NT :stuck_out_tongue:
Whoever named those wasnt watching too close

OS/2 Warp… anyone?

one of the few times I ever used it it worked very well for exactly what we needed

we’d tried NT machines but they’d crash or fail in other ways
OS/2 just rolled on
That was a million years ago

Thanks for pointing out how old I am Norman. I used OS/2 and it worked for me. Did have some problems finding drivers if I remember correctly.