Interesting insight into a chronic Xojo bug

There’s a bug report (#70571), “Code editor is getting very slow after some time” that I’m subscribed to. Apparently for some users, the code editor gets unusably slow. Not all, probably not most, and probably only in certain circumstances.

There has been the usual back-and-forth between users and the company (can we please get this fixed, it’s rendering Xojo basically unusable to me" “well I am not having any problems” “have you tried x” sorts of exchanges that basically don’t go anywhere or get to the bottom of anything.

Finally yesterday William Yu made this rather revealing comment on Saturday the 23rd:

“We’re working on ways to optimize the Autocomplete Engine. It’s quite likely this slow down became worse/unbearable after the introduction of API 2.0 in 2021r3”

Now I am not having this issue … but if I were, I would not be reassured by this at all … because there is no timeline or commitment, just “we’re working on it”, with “it” being a fundamental architectural issue that they are somehow supposed to address with their limited staffing amidst the bazillions of other issues, some of which impact more people. But at least he admits it’s become untenable, for at least the users reporting it, and sorta-kinda “owns” the problem.

Anyway I thought those of you coming from the pre API 2.0 era with big investments therein, would get a kick out of this. API 2: the gift that keeps on giving.


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I solved the API2.0 headaches as many others did, I found an alternative in my case Swift, and have never looked back (well except to laugh or shake my head)


I’d be interested in knowing how much is “very slow” in this context.
Some users would compare to writing text in TextEdit (then complain in even blank Xojo projects because that’s slower), while others may endure slowness and only when writing takes one second per character start to complain.
I can say my Xojo IDE is “a bit slow”, but everyone don’t endure the same slowness.

I don’t know if this is a public URL or not but it’s a video illustrating the problem.

I was interested because this is exactly the kind of thing that could suddenly crop up and render a project non-maintainable for me.

It looks like sometimes 2 or 3 seconds per keystroke for this guy.

Personally I’d be surprised if JUST API 2 caused this at all
Autocomplete just plain does the wrong thing and searches for things it can complete in a fundamentally different way than the compiler knows whats in scope and therefore what even could be completed
That is not just a tweak but a rewrite

When, or if, project editing gets slow I dont edit it in the IDE
I pop open BBEdit, make changes, save, do a “revert to saved” in the IDE and be done with it
its not perfect but editing speed then doesnt drive me mad

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Not only it’s public, but it also fairly well shows the problem!
Even me, who has patience, would hardly work with this slowness…

Thanks for the link.

Yeah I know you’ve spoken of this before and I had that in mind also in reading William’s remarks … I knew there was a lot more going on that his post suggested.

Technical debt, anyone?

Well this just popped up on that thread:

William Yu@williamyu· 3 minutes ago

[RN] General speed improvements to the Windows IDE. Including code editor typing speed and window resizing.

so bitching moaning & whining HERE has an impact :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome !

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Always assuming it IS actually fixed, lol

If yes then I might even spring for another license, should I encounter the problem myself.

William Yu commented on a discussion:

Yes, this will be in an upcoming 2023r3 build, assuming we don’t find any egregious issues because of it. We hope the improvements are noticeable and moving in the right direction. Of course this doesn’t mean there’s not more work to be done, but we’re trying :slight_smile:


William is a good guy.


OTOH … looks like it just seems “a bit faster” than it was and we are not really to the bottom of things. Props to William though for working with this guy.

William Yu commented on a discussion:

It looks like the typing speed is a bit faster than your other video capture, but no where near as useable as it should be I agree. Does changing the DPI to 100% or anything else affect things? Can you try without a multi-monitor setup? Does running nothing else but that one version of Xojo allow you to code for extended periods?