I just added my apps to IndieAppSales for their March promotion. If anyone else is interested in joining, visit


Thanks for the link

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Don’t thank me, Thank Matt Corey for arranging this opportunity.

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9to5Mac did an article on IndieAppSales and look at the first product listed!


Xojo should be raving this up, they should be encouraging their customers to showcase their “Made with Xojo” apps. It appears that I’m the only one who’se submitted Xojo made apps, and I’m leaving!

As long as they sell Xojo I personally do not believe they care WHAT their users do with it despite the fact that helping their users be successful would help them be successful

They’ve never promoted a third party market with any seriousness (demo versions of any / all kind of third party apps & plugins etc included with the install of xojo)
A demo version of AppWrapper would have been a decent addition for many
Demo version of MBS and Einhugur plugins would have been useful

Raising awareness of things like the Indie app sale sites would help their users promote their wares & in the end help Xojo
They dont have to advertise users projects but posts like yours about alternative distribution sites, how to guides from experienced users, etc would all help

but …

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but one of the many talents of “the Genious” is marketing… So dont expect anything meaningful there


So the promotion hasn’t started yet, but word has been spreading about and I’m seeing a boost in traffic and Sleep Aid sales are up 30% over the same period last year. It’s not a lot, but it is really really nice.

I didn’t mention this on the Xojo forum, but so far it’s done nothing to stem the decline in App Wrapper sales, which are once again down in the same period compared to a year ago.


  1. I’ve pissed enough Xojo loyalists off that they’re boycotting me.
  2. There really is a lot less people investing in Xojo.
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30% is 30%
And way more than zero

Nice to hear that is working for you

As for AppWrapper … either or both are possibly true

I’m certain I’ve pissed some off as when I have replied to requests for personnel I’ve gotten crickets from a number of people - names with held -
Not even a “Thanks but we went another way” or something

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Does App Wrapper work only for Xojo Apps?

It’s not specifically tied to Xojo, that’s just where most of the demand is for App Wrapper.

I know of people using it for Electron apps, FileMaker apps, LiveCode apps…

If anyone uses Xcode however, it’s not needed.

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I mentioned it privately, but since you’ve brought it up, to me it seems problematic that it was announced App Wrapper needs a new home but now it’s on sale.

I think you should finalize announcements on App Wrapper, whether or not it’s getting a new home, before you try to promote it.

Or 3, people have solved the code signing / notarization hurdle using alternative methods.

At this point, nothing is happening, I’m continuing as business is normal until circumstances change. Once people saw how much money App Wrapper generates, and how much it might generate, everyone ran away. One person even told me I was dumb for investing so much effort in such a small market.

It is absolutely possible, but I don’t understand why people would suddenly stop using App Wrapper, after API 2.0 was rolled out.

Yeah, this API 2.0 sucks, so lets… Spend the time to replace App Wrapper…

Edit: I want to add that the very fact you think App Wrapper ONLY does code signing and Notarization and you can save $50, is a failure of my communication and marketing. It is why this year, I decided to finally teach myself marketing, code signing and Notarization is only a fraction of what App Wrapper does.

Business wise they are probably right… but some things are a labor of love.

However if you have fallen out of love and can’t sell the rights to it, and your time could be more profitably spent for the good of your family, then the smart thing to do would be something else.

  • Karen
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This is true, it’s not that I’ve fallen out of love, it’s that switching to Xcode, everything that App Wrapper does is built right in, and because of that the process is so much more logical than doing it after you’ve built the app.

And yes, I’m focusing my efforts elsewhere. Sleep Aid has been a huge success for me and very quickly dwarfed all my Xojo add-ons, even with my poor marketing skills. So I’m working on improving those and will be putting more attention on the Mac market as a whole, instead of < 2,000 people.

One thing I found most shocking in trying to sell App Wrapper (is not just that no-one wants to take the project on), it’s that someone close to Geoff, actually told me that the decline in sales is expected for the foreseeable future.

Back on topic, there is now 233 apps in IndieAppSales and one day left to join.

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If correct, Xojo likely won’t be around much longer…

As much as I don’t like the direction they have taken, despite the issues I still like in coding in Xojo (API 1) and can be productive with it…

But if that is the case, it does not make sense investing more time or money into it if it’s not likely to be around.

I’ll be retiring some time been now and 2 years from now (depending on my employer) so I need to be more careful with both investing time and money.

  • Karen

Bearing in mind, I have no access to actual Xojo sales figure, so I do not know what their rate of decay is.

I do know that after talking to most 3rd Party Add-on vendors, we’re all seeing a big decline, one vendor actually said last year was the worst in 10 years.

If App Wrapper sales continue to decline with the rate of acceleration I’m seeing, it only has 4 to 5 years left before no-one uses it.

I’m slowly accepting that outcome.

Today is 3.12, which means @Matt1Corey IndieAppSales is live!
267 Apps for Mac, iOS, iPad &  Vision are discounted today & tomorrow, go check it out, grab yourself a bargain or two.
share this post so others can do the same.


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