In my WTF file?

Dim in_client_id As String = <value removed but it IS correct>
Dim in_client_secret As String = <value removed but it IS correct>
Dim in_refresh_token As String = <value removed but it IS correct>

Dim dd As New date

Dim refresh_socket As New URLConnection

Dim params() As String
params.Append("client_id=" + in_client_id)
params.Append("client_secret=" + in_client_secret)
params.Append("refresh_token=" + in_refresh_token)

refresh_socket.SetRequestContent(Join(params, "&"), "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")

  Dim res As String = refresh_socket.SendSync("POST", "", 30)
  If refresh_socket.HTTPStatusCode <> 200 Then
    Dim exc As New RuntimeException
    exc.Message = "Erorr! Cannot refresh token: " + EndOfLine + res
    Raise exc
  End If
catch nex as NetworkException
End Try

On 10.14 this works
On 10.15 the SendSync gets a network exception immediately - error -1004
I’ve tried adding some plist entries for ATS but this is in a web app and so far none seem to have any effect
Anyone got any great ideas I can try ?

Do you have littlesnitch installed on this install that is blocking access to
Can you resolve with a ping?


yeah I knew the error code and what i meant
just dunno how to fix this

I’ll have to check this as I do have little snitch installed


Once I had decyphered the documentation and example code, I wired up my own CURL-based version of Xojo’s efforts (that have never worked consistently) and have been happy ever since.

yeah snitch is involved here

good catch - hadnt thought it would be based on how I had things set but …

I have never blocked myself with Little Snitch. Ever. Cough…