Improving INN

I’ve had several people say to me that “INN had devolved to nothing but insults and hate”
And so they limited their presence on INN

And TBH I bear some responsibility for that as one of the moderators

I’d like to enlist EVERYONE’s help to try & get INN back on track as a place to discuss x-platform development with whatever is your favourite tool(s)

Yes there will be disagreements
But resorting to “fuck off asshole” kinds of replies WONT be tolerated

And for that I do need every one to

  1. flag posts that are just insults
  2. really try & keep posts on topic

I’d like to NOT moderate much
And really dont want to delete posts or edit them for you

I’m asking


Excellent initiative!

Well “nothing but insults and hate” is a bit overblown IMO. There are tutorials here, and plenty of civil discussion. There are a handful of wankers, just like anywhere.

I suppose people coming here for x-plat discussion probably tire of the constant grousing about Xojo but in fairness that was one of the reasons this site was created, to allow free discussion of such things not possible on the company-sponsored site.

The only thing I don’t like is the handful of threads that have devolved into touche-kicking contests and in my experience the best way to handle those is to step in and remind people to keep it on-topic and take personal disputes to DMs. If there’s a way to shut down a thread that goes off the rails, doing that a few times will put a big dent in the problem. Sure it truncates the discussion for anyone who was participating in that thread in good faith but in the main they will understand. And they can always start a new thread to carry on the non-dick-waving part of the original thread.

I’ve seen this used to good effect on other forum sites. Close the thread to comments, make it read only, if it goes off the deep end.

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It may not be possible without moderation. That may be needed.

That’s a big one. It was a shame how the “Just saying hello” thread got hijacked.


Why that got split off and shoved into its own thread