IDE Tips and tricks : 1

There sort of IS a way to override the fact that new IDEs prefer to start new projects as API 2 only

Make a new binary project that is named “Default Desktop Project” from 2019r1.1 and put that in the Project Templates dir next to the IDE

That should do it for desktop
And you can do similarly for others

I tried that, but it didn’t work for me.

It worked fine, until I saved the project and reloaded it, at which point it became API 2.0 only.

Did you just Save or did you do a Save AS?

As I understand it, doing a “Save As” will do that as it is essentially creating “new” project.
I think you need to copy and rename an old project (or template) in Finder FIRST, and then open THAT with the current IDE and only do "Save"s and not “Save As” from then on


Or use an older Xojo version and only use the new one for compiling?

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I was sent one, not opened the email, and for all the reasons above its likely to stay that way.

I do note that there is not number 22:- ‘How would you choose to flog this dead horse’
and number 23:- 'What percentage would you give, that any survey without 100% of questions answered exactly how GP wants them, will end up in the bin.

This time last year I would have happily filled it in and been largely positive, what a difference 11 months has made (which was the last renewal I made).

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Well indeed it did do that
It even asked me if i wanted to update the minimum IDE versions (which you dont really have a choice about which sucks)


edit : ok once you start a project this way and save it, as text since thats simplest, then edit the manifest
You’ll see something like


remove the OrigIDEVersion
And alter RBProjectVersion to 2019.01 so it looks like


So far the IDE does NOT over write that and insist n putting those values back and you get the autocomplete with all the red deprecated stuff again


Just ‘Save’, I know from your other posts that Save As does this. Wasn’t expecting Save to do it :frowning:

Geoff knows as I’ve told him.

Except that Big Sur (at least earlier versions) wouldn’t run anything lower than 2019r3.2.

I still use binary format… At some point when things calm down (ha!), I’ll figure out the binary version and write a project whacker!

Sam, I was able to use Arbed and change “IDEVersion” and “ProjectSavedInVers” and then Save a Copy to put it in a new file. Just Save didn’t seem to make it stick.

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I forgot about about Arbed! Thank you for reminding me. I’ll talk to Thomas.

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