IDE Back/Forward button replacement?

After reading an earlier post about Xojo IDE speed I tried using the IDE without the toolbar.

Within seconds I was missing the back/forward buttons. There does not seem to be a keyboard shortcut equivalent to access the back/forward functionality?!?!

Thomas Tempelmann appears to have made a tool using the IDE api to track navigation history. Was this tool ever made publicly available?

it doesnt seem to be on his site anywhere

It appears that IDE scripting allows DoCommand “GoBack” and DoCommand “GoForward”

I’d be interested in hearing others’ Xojo IDE workflows / workarounds.

I frequently code in BBEdit :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well I’ll be… been using this for 14 years, and don’t think I ever used those arrows… I know for a fact I don’t using the annoying tabs… As a matter of fact the only toolbutton I use is “RUN”, “Lib” and “Inspector”

I’m sure macOS has the ability to set custom accelerator keys for an application’s menu items.

Thats built into the IDE in later versions :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun Fact: The IDE has a native toolbar in windows. Looks better and works better. But all the buttons are on the left.

Your wallpaper looks beautiful :slightly_smiling_face:

Take a look at the language reference there: ToolbarButton.ButtonStyles

You’ll notice “Space” and “FlexibleSpace” (the only two available for adding spaces) are not supported under Windows (the Xojo implementation, at least), so they can’t be aligned otherwise (perhaps a transparent button with an adjusting width would do it…).
Xojo being made by itself, even if the OS actually supports spaced buttons (I don’t know), they can’t do it currently.

The toolbar in the IDE isnt a native one - as you guessed - since the Win32 one has no space & flexible space types

That is why all the buttons are on the left in the screenshot

View hacking ?
Sure doesnt look like that here in 2019r3.1

It is not hacking, just changing the visibility of a control.

yeah its been hiding there for ages :slight_smile: