Icon asset manager

I need a new asset manager for my icons and other stuff because I have too many files. macOS only of course.

  • The app must not have a registration when trying it out (mylio).
  • The app must not save the files into a database (Photos).
  • The app must have support visible on the website (Unbound).
  • The app shouldn’t crash when I deny phoning home (Picktorial).
  • And of course I don’t want anything overpriced from Adobe.

Are there other apps that fit the bill?

Made me chuckle :smile:

I’ve been thinking that I could use an app like this too and I have similar requirements. Maybe there’s a market here Beatrix??

What’s the problem with that?

@Gary: no thanks. Since I’ve become self-employed 1.5 years ago I feel like I’m doing the job of at least 3 persons alone. With my app I’ve got a lot of work.

@MarkusWinter : I’ve got about 250 GB of old photos and fractals. There isn’t enough space on my main drive. Also, I decide how I organise my stuff and not the software.

I had totally forgotten that Luminar also has the functionality to catalog photos.

Care to share with the community what your app is? Feel free to create a topic for it. I’m keen to showcase things people are making with Xojo.

Sounds like there’s a need here that could be scratched
A dev tool that helps a developer catalog and then locate icons & images (other media as well?) by keywords seems like it would be useful for a number of devs

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I’m using IconJar for a couple of years now and I’m very happy with it.
It almost applies to all of your wishes, except that it uses a database.
Price is €29,99 for the first year and €24,99 after that year. (billed yearly, cancel anytime).

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Good idea, Paul.

and some more text because the minimum post length is 20

Just dropped it to 20 :smile:

i have been using icons8.com for my icon needs

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That looks very good Paul. I see it’s one of those subscription models though. The subscription model has always irked me…

I also don’t like the subscription models.
At the moment I have a license for IconJar version 1 and that was a version without subscription.
I’m still hesitating about going to version 2 but balance slowly tends to go to the subscription model because I really like IconJar and I want to support the developer(s).

Beatrix is the developer of Mail Archiver X (made with Xojo) :wink:

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Haven’t tried but maybe the open source digicam?