I really hate that misinformation …

There is a rule (a law?) - Ukrainians can’t be in EU for more than 90 days. Poland extended it to 180 days.


Is he getting his information from the Russian Facebook trolls?

As a tourist or on business you can come into Germany for 90 days without needing to register.

If you intend to stay longer then you need to register - just like the Germans. The reason is that cities, towns, and villages get their slice of funding by the government depending on how many people live there. So when you move to live somewhere else then you deregister at the place you were, and register at the place you now live.

Germany has a LOT of experience with taking in refugees - in the 90s they took in over a million from the former Yugoslavia (mostly Bosnia, but also Croatia and Serbia), in 2015-2018 they took in over 600,000 Syrians, and currently over 700,000 refugees and counting from Ukraine.

see Germany Refugee Statistics 1960-2022 | MacroTrends

There is an important distinction between “economic migrants” and refugees though - which is the reason why unlike other “refugees” that need to go through a lengthy process of being accepted as a refugee those fleeing war (like in Yugoslavia, Syria, Ukraine) get special treatment (eg the presumption that they really are refugees) and not only get a residence permit for 3 years on registration (which is expected to be extended if necessary) which means they are allowed to work immediately, but have their driver’s licence recognised too.

And absolutely NOBODY is being send back to a war zone after 90 days - that would be against the EU Human Rights Convention anyway.

The recommendation is to go to “Erstaufnahme-Zentren” (Centers for taking you in) that provide a place to stay (often decommissioned US Army barracks are being used for that), food, clothing, financial support, medical support, and importantly help with all the paperwork to get registered, get a Sim card, get health insurance (often provided for free by the health insurance companies), provide German language courses, and help you find a job and a place in the community (a lot of Germans have offered to take people in) or your own flat (the policy in Germany is to prevent ghettos so preferably you are housed within the general population) when you are ready to live on your own.

Two friends of mine in Germany took in Ukrainian refugees - in hindsight it would have been better to go the official route and use the “Erstaufnahme-Zentren” as the paperwork, getting health insurance, etc is way above what the refugees can deal with, and is even challenging for their German hosts.

He might also want to read this article from the Guardian.

Can someone tell Kyryl Pekarov that please?

yes well seems like he is flying out to canada…

plus don’t you think that HATE is a bit too strong of a word ?
confirming you like to hate and respond ?
questionning why you do so, maybe do more sport to cool things off ? take a break ?

Hate is exactly the right word - because other people base their life decisions on that misinformation.

And what makes you think I care about your “advice” on how to live my life? Do YOU like being told what to do by complete strangers? Or do you simply like to give unsolicited “advice”? And why would I listen to the likes of you? Maybe think before posting?

I did reply to that thread yesterday and mentioned that people coming from a war zone, will not be sent back by the EU. However, I have the impression that he prefers to immigrate to Canada even before the war started.

Believe me, he is better off in Canada than in the EU, which is very close to Russia. If this conflict escalates, the battle will be in Europe. At this moment, the EU is far from a safe haven against a possible attack from Russia. In November I immigrate to Botswana (where my spouse, daughter and “small” guy are). The day I leave the EU will be a happy day knowing that I am on my way, to building a new future for my family and myself. I am not immigrating to use the Botswana system but to contribute to their system. That is for Kyryl Pekarov and many others exactly the same and like we, they do have the right to choose the country of their preference.

We cannot blame people for searching for a better economic future when their family is starving or their lives are in danger. We need to be solidary with them and help them! Believe me, I know what poverty is because I see it in Botswana Africa too. We have a 16 ha field outside Molopolole (the poorest region in Botswana) and the confrontation with that kind of poverty is terribly painful. Imagine having to reject a person because there are more than workers enough, knowing his children will go with an empty stomach to bed because of your decision. I am sure at this moment, this is true for many people in Ukraine too.

The word “hate” is indeed too strong wording. It is better to write “I do not like that misinformation…”. This sounds better and supports the content of your message which I do whole heartily support.


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I have no problem with Kyryl WANTING to go to Canada - but while he indicated that he thinks he is NOT ALLOWED to stay in the EU for more than 90 days:

There is a rule (a law?) - Ukrainians can’t be in EU for more than 90 days. Poland extended it to 180 days.

We are over 90 days already. We consulted with immigrant attorneys. We can’t visit another EU countries without been deported to Ukraine. Perhaps, some are closing eyes on it.

and has even consulted with immigration attorneys (who are they???) it is an assumption that he WANTS to go to Canada.

I also have a bit of experience with some Ukrainian refugees and they want to go back as soon as possible to rebuild their country.

So I do not see that he WANTS to go to Canada, it is that he thinks he HAS TO leave Europe - which isn’t true.

As for going to Africa: climate change will be hitting Africa even worse than Europe (and a friend of mine is a bushman in Namibia, and I love the Okavango Delta in Botswana - would love to visit again).

Namibia is turning from a semi-desert into a desert, and as for Botswana:

“Botswana is considered highly vulnerable to climate variability and change due to its high dependence on rain-fed agriculture and natural resources, high levels of poverty – particularly in rural areas, and a low adaptive capacity to deal with these expected changes.”

so it might not be the safe heaven you think it is. How secure are you when the harvests fail?

And yes, I HATE misinformation. It is lying with the aim to deceive.

So do NOT tell me that woke crap of “Oh no! That is too strong! Be nice to each other!” - that attitude is the reason why the World is in the mess it is in. Alex Jones (InfoWars) & Co have not only got away with deceiving and radicalising people for far too long - they are also responsible for many thousands of deaths (anti-vaxxers etc). It is just in the last 2-3 years that people have woken up and sued them for it. And THAT is where it hurts them, because they make millions with those lies.

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I don’t. But the law makes a difference between an economic migrant and a refugee from persecution.

So do you expect me to give him “nice words of consolation” or tell the truth about the situation? Which do you think is more useful to him?

And just on a side note: Putin blinked. His comments that “Russia has barely started” are so patently false that it can only be interpreted as grand-standing or bluffing.


Despite we rarely will agree with each other, I do respect your open and direct way of communication.

However, you are not very well informed about Botswana. The difference between us is that you visit like a tourist and I in the first place, want to be with my family and live as a down to Earth Motswana.

You are correct that Namibia and Botswana are turning into a desert. However, our government decided in 2020 to make a transition from being a resource-based society to a knowledge-based one. We realise that our resources (diamonds) will last less than 20 years from now. When the diamonds are gone, firms like De Beers will disappear with the Southern Sun (in your part of the world it is called the Northern Sun). So we have to prepare for that.

You are also true that our crops need water like any crop in the world. However, my partner and me, are experimenting with catching and saving rainwater. We catch the rain when it rains for use in the dry periods. Our experiments are promising and we adapt when needed.

We have a completely different ploughing pattern than you see in the EU and US. Each crop supports the other or goes together.

Speaking for myself, if I want to live a safe life, indeed I would have moved to the US, Australia, and New Zeeland. Be assured, I do not rely on our agricultural activity only but I create tutorials and online courses. In this way, our family has a stable income, even when one activity is low. Never bet on only one horse! Believe me, when you can contribute to that knowledge society, Botswana welcomes you with open arms. I am very patriotic about Botswana and I want to make our country great. For people like me, Botswana is the centre of the Universe, despite the fact in reality that is impossible. But I am sure you know what I mean.

During the more than 13 years I am involved with Africa (11 years in Botswana), I never visited the Okavango Delta. Our 13-year-old Daughter did now 3 years ago and she came home with very exciting stories and safaris. As a 10-year-old, she had to take the aeroplane from Gaborone to Maun together with a niece of 13. I can tell you, for such youngsters, it is a true journey into the unknown. At Maun, they could stay at a lodge where an aunt was working. Every year those lodges share some of their profits with local youngsters to let them enjoy unknown nature and to educate them about their ecological importance. These are nice projects because those children are the leaders and builders of the future.

So do not think we are not prepared for what is coming. We are Africans and we always find a way where there isn’t one. During Corona companies in the EU got financial support from their governments, we did not, we had to survive with our own buffers and resources and we did. Last year, on 18 November I travelled to Botswana with Qatar Airways. I saw tourists disrespecting the rules on those aeroplanes, not wearing masks and respecting social distancing. A few days after my arrival in Botswana, Omicron was spreading fast. All those tourists ran as quickly as they could back home to the EU. Our government was begging them to stay, assuring them if they followed our rules they were safe. To no avail, they went back to their homes in the EU with tickets costing 10 times as much as before. I just remained and accepted whatever was coming to me. Since 21 February I am back and from the moment I arrived in Belgium again, I already regretted it. So on 4 November, I leave Europe for Africa for the last time, I will never return except to visit my family here.

About your strong wording, I do not tell you what to say because it will turn you off for sure. What I try to tell you is that with less strong wording, your message will reach much more people. The title you used turns people away from it. While if you would write as I suggested, your message will be better received and interpreted. Really, you did read me wrong there.

Wish you a lovely weekend!


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he had obvioulsy made his decision to move to winnipeg way before that. you don’t choose randomly to move to winnipeg lol, maybe he has family, didn’t explain why but he should have when you want people donate, must be a reason. noboby told why, i’ve asked.
plus he is lucky to got off ukraine, men are prohibited to leave ukraine and must join the army.

not at all
moving out off his country was NOT his desire
but with wife & kids he has commitments and responsibilities
it was not an easy choice to make

I’m not sure how he came to decide that Canada is where they were going tio immigrate to

I haven’t spoken to him in some time

Don’t judge him because he doesn’t give any reason. Despite the fact, that men have to defend Ukraine, maybe for some valid reason, that is impossible for him.

Donations are made out of free will for various reasons. That doesn’t mean Kyryl Pekarov needs to give any reason. If you are in doubt, you do not have to give.

What I know is that a lot of good people support Kyryl and his family to start a new life in Canada. I am sure they will do the best they can to succeed and contribute.

I only wish them every success and a good life in their new location. Believe me, relocating is not an easy decision especially when you have to leave everything behind.


don’t get me wrong, i’m not judging, i went a dozen times to canada and the us, i can live in winnipeg. i like the wild and the snow, and canadians are nice people, i would prefer to live there rather than in texas, don’t like the heat.
still simple curiosity on why winnipeg ? we might never know, and it’s ok :slight_smile:

so you “HATE” when people spread false information like this one without knowing just because they love to say the oposite ? :smile:
this group discord today


dunno how Winnipeg came to be the choice

but I’ll ask

satire my man - satire