I need a test file (Xojo Project File)

Would someone be willing to make me a XML Xojo project file with the following criteria

  1. just a SINGLE WINDOW
  2. place on that window EVERY VISIBLE control you can.
  3. for each Control, add ALL the events (empty handlers is fine)
  4. create the controls as singletons, and control array
  5. try and set all the properties of each control to something other than a default value

Basically I need a XML file that pushes the limit of an Xojo Window. Do not bother adding controls that are not visible at run time (reports, database etc)

I would prefer a 2019r1.1 format , but one from the latest Xojo might work as well…

The sample doesn’t need to DO anything (ie. don’t add any methods or code in the events)… but it DOES need to compile (which shouldn’t be a problem)

I have one that I made in 19r1.1 as a test … but if someone else makes it, they will have no preconieved notions as to what to expect :slight_smile:

If you’d be willing , drop me a private message… and after I get your file, I will reveal WHY…
Norman is already aware, and has offering suggestions

save the results as an Xojo XML file

I thought about it but that’s a lot of work on blind faith that isn’t isn’t going to be a waste of time.

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Emailed direct.