I am NOT compatible with MaciOS

Hello All,

The list of compatible devices with MaciOS:-

  • 2015 and later MacBook
  • 2013 and later MacBook Air
  • 2013 and later MacBook Pro
  • 2014 and later Mac mini
  • 2014 and later iMac
  • 2017 and later iMac Pro
  • 2013 and later Mac Pro

so I am running MacMini 2009, never expected it to be on the list, its a toy to serve video on the network and will do until it dies in another 10 years.

MacBook Pro 17", the last model ever made, still a damn good machine, i7 quad core, 8 threads, 1Tb SSD, 16Gb ram, can’t run (officially) even the current version of macOS, not because its not capable of doing so, it just excluded.

Late 2012 iMac 27" BTO with 3.4GHz quad i7, 8 threads, 32Gb ram, GTX 68MX 2Gb graphic card 3Tb fusion drive.
excluded from MaciOS, obviously could run it without ticking over a single cpu.

the lowest denominator on the list above, 2013 MacBook Air.
standard unit that will run the new MaciOS is this:-
1.3GHz dual-core i5, 4Gb ram, intel HD-5000 graphics.

blimey, anyone else not going to be able to update to MaciOS because they are excluded?

I hope someone gets a patch to at least allow it to be run in a VM on a non compatible machine.

jeeeessss, my Mac love relationship is being tested, I really don’t want to get divorced and go to the house of Bill, yuck…

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I just updated from a 2012 rMBP to a new 16"
mostly the graphics of the old machine just could not handle the monitors I have
other than that the new one is spec wise very similar from a CPU perspective
6 cores instead of 4
Ghz is just about the same
but this one bechmarks faster and has 32 Gb RAM instead of 16 which really was an indulgence

But graphics ? … night and day
The new one handles 4 4k monitors without even breaking a sweat and the old one had trouble with 2 monitors (never mind 4K monitors) and REALLY wasnt supposed to even handle what I was driving through it and did it ever heat up

I dunno if its the graphics and the move o metal that seems to be the baseline for whats on the supported list or not

mmm, maybe the metal is the issue for the MBP 17", but is has a good card in there, metal compatible I don’t know. (yes it is apparently from further research)

the iMac 2012 is absolutely metal compatible.
I also run 2x4k monitors on the iMac plus obviously the 4k screen its self, its capable alright, but at 8 years old I suppose they want to cull and get me to buy a new one, no friggin chance.
I can run win on it for the next ten years and just get used to that horrible experience while looking at a beautiful aluminium masterpiece. (sadly coming to that thought)

It’s wildly speculated that Mac unit sales are continuing to drop, by not releasing unit numbers, but “profit” this can be covered up to a certain extent. The common complaint is that most people don’t feel Apple’s current products are worth the money they’re asking.

I’m seeing a lot of developers who haven’t bought a new “work” Mac for 7~8 years, in the same boat.

My 2012 rMBP recently started randomly dying, just suddenly going dead, not crashing (AFAIK), like someone flipped the power off. So once again, I have a brand new 16" MacBook Pro, this time around I am doing a slow migration as recommended by Apple, so it will be a few days before I can really use it.

I saved $1,000 USD on this 16" MBP, by only getting 16 GB (instead of 32GB) and grabbing a refurb, which makes me feel a little better on the value side, especially as in a few years, I’m going to HAVE to buy an ARM machine.

Hi Sam,
I am not sure how the market with your country is, but here in Europe we pay stupid money for the products, 1000$ is like 1000€, or 1000£ in the UK, its madness.

so here is the current cost, taken just now from apple.co. es and .co.uk

iMac 27, base model.
us 1799 dollars
UK 1749£
EURO 2099

current us to UK/EURO exchange value:-

us 1799= 1465£ 1600€

so here in the EU/UK we are getting royally screwed to the tune of:-
UK= 1749-1465=284£

I love my Mac, but seriously, this is disgusting.

I did reread this and though, mmm I must have not clicked on 27 and left it on 21 inch, nope the information is correct.

Earlier in the year, I spent NT$ 105,000 on a 16" MBP i9 2.3/32/1TB.

I just spent NT$ NT$ 77,890 for this refurb 16" MBP i9 2.3/16/1TB.
$ 2,643.12 US dollars
€ 2,351.32 Euros
£ 2,113.18 British pounds
$ 3,586.18 Canadian Mollah

Here in Taiwan, sales tax is 7%, income tax is 6%.

I could ship you one, but when I was in the UK 20 years ago and had a Mac shipped from the US, the UK Gov slapped me with a huge tax bill, making it cost more than buying the machine in the UK!

For me personally however, I don’t mind investing in a tool that I use to make me money. I used to update every 3 years, that was until 2015, when I held off awaiting the next generation, which was a dumpster fire of a product and took Apple 4 more years to fix a keyboard that they knew was fundamentally flawed from day one, and with all the other limitations.

But after the huge disappointment earlier this year with my first 16" MBP, I really didn’t know what to do, as the product is NOT worth the asking price IMHO.
But having a machine randomly die on you, forced my hand to try again. I would have liked 32GB of RAM (back in 2015), but have learned to live with memory constrictions (like its 1994 again), for me especially considering I’ll need to buy another machine in 6+ months, the savings on this one felt like a good compromise.

So far so good, this one doesn’t feel as slow as the last one, but might be my imagination.

Apple breaks their numbers out better than most
Heres one
Look for net sales by category

2018-2019 sales of macs were up

mac sales were quite “flat” quarter to quarter and year over year

EDIT : these are revenue #'s not units (as this is only financials)
Let me peruse the full annual and see if its broken out in there
Statista and some other site have decent trackers for this so they get those #'s from somewhere

EDIT 2 : quick check and I cant find it right this second … now thats gonna make me wonder wtf I did with it all night

EDIT 3: oh yeah DUH they only report revenue now and NOT units
They stopped reporting unit sales in 2018

A quick scan of a couple others like Dell & Acer suggests they do not break out unit sales either

So in summary; they only report profit for the Mac division?

They split out revenue by devices but thats not the same as unit sales - its basically gross income
So you get line items for iPhone, Macs, iPad, Watches and there are separate line items elsewhere for services etc

Which means investors and us, can’t actually tell if Apple’s sales are up, or if they’re down and using some massaging to make the profit look up. Right?

what you can tell is if revenues are up
and you can get gross margin #'s

but I get where you’re coming from - thats not unit sales

as a user I’d LOVE to know if they are selling more of every device or not
as a developer that would be good to know as well

as an investor I just care they make money

so it is definitely competing interests

In 2018 when they announced this it was reported as

On the call, Luca Maestri said that “number of units sold in a quarter is not representative of underlying state of business.” This reflects slowing unit sales growth in key products — the iPhone grew 0% in units this quarter — and Apple’s expanding reliance on services for ongoing sales growth.
As part of these changes, Apple will now report overall total revenue and cost of sales. The ‘Other Products’ business is being formally renamed to “Wearables, Home, and Accessories”, comprising products like Apple Watch, Beats and HomePod. It also means it incorporates products like the iPod touch … which doesn’t exactly fit into any of those three categories.

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What’s MaciOS?

Won’t the UK price include VAT?

The prices I listed from the conversion of NT$ is already including the 7% sales tax.

VAT / GST isn’t 7% in Europe but 20%.

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While in the meanwhile my 2010 Mac Pro dual CPU absolutely flies through everything I throw at it …


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MacBooks are expensive, but I wouldn’t want to run my life on anything else, even with the keyboard issues. Mac desktops are another story, however, as the last two or three iMacs I bought are incredible dogs. I don’t really even need a desktop at home, and am happy with a 3-monitor Windows setup for CAD stuff at the office. I own a (rarely used) Windows laptop and have tested a few others from time to time and they all suck compared to a MBP in user experience - I guess it’s mostly a trackpad and keyboard thing.

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Did you buy low end iMac’s?

Outside of price, in general i have been happy with my high end 27" iMacs (i7 and i9 with upgraded graphics cards and plenty of 3rd party RAM) over the last 10 years.

Iwas gonna say… .I have an i7 27" iMac and its works great

Mid 2011 21.5" 2.5GHz i5 4GB RAM. Newer models with SSD and more RAM are more usable I’m sure, but these simply are not, and they’ve left me with a bad taste. Also I think they had some kind of noise issue with the hard drive cable running too close to something else.