click on this page and got the following error

Domain Error
Failed to resolve DNS path for this host

That’s coming from Jeannot’s xojoDOCs site (not part of Xojo, Inc.) which is run on the Ghost platform ( I assume you discovered this URL by clicking on the Blog icon on his site. If he’s supposed to have a blog on that site, then it’s not working. If it’s supposed to take you to Xojo’s blog, then he has the wrong URL (should be

I know this is for Jeannot’s blog… just happen today…

Well then, contact Jeannot about it. I wasn’t sure since I’ve never visited that site before.

And we do not hear about him lately.

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He’s been on TOF as recently as 6 hours ago

Just got a private message from him explaining why

lack of visitors, lack of justifying an approx. 400 USD / yr., lack of time at the moment. I moved the content back to medium, but the links should redirect to that place. DNS changes were changed within a few minutes, but It seems that is caching heavily, and macOS is good on that as well. Anyways, funny as it seems that the very few visitors are from INN :-). will stay alive to keep the 2-5 visitors/d happy until Xojo will move to their new doc system, whenever this might happen :wink: .

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When I have nothing to say, I am quite quiet :slight_smile:

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Sounds really good, nice Site and good Work. Will need many works until Xojo new >Doc is out. Thanks for spending that much time for the community.

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thank you. It was mainly a protoype to see how far one can go with Web 2 and to test new releases and what challenges got fixed by those, and what new bugs might have been included.

All I can say is, that with the newest release it will compile after renaming a very few things, but the detailed list when clicking on table row will not show the values in the detailed view and the spinning wheel will run all the time.

As I have no time right now, working on non-Xojo projects, I won’t upgrade to the newest version yet. It is probably something very small, but as we all know finding those little bugs is often more time consuming than anything else, for instance a clear error message that something is broken :wink:

Everything okay Jeannot. I am also in different non Xojo projects working at the moment, two Covid related Apps for IOS and Android and a DataServer for statistical data mining in sensitive Databases. It is not the time to play with Xojo at the moment for me. But in the beginning of next year I believe that I will find the time to check out the “news”. Especially I am waiting for Android.