How to use/simulate a Canvas in a Console App?

Hello all,

I’m trying to write an app that will auto print reports. I am using BKS Shorts and one crucial area requires a canvas. How can I work around this?

Appreciate your thoughts and ideas!

a canvas ?
or a picture ?
a picture can do most things a canvas can and it IS accessible in a console app

specifically what do you need a canvas for ?

The Shorts engine should not be tied to any UI controls. It’s been quite a long time, but I really can’t picture what component is asking for Canvas.

I know (the collective) we created reports in console apps running on a server. The only part that requires a canvas is the designer component and the view component. The reporting engine probably uses a graphics object to figure out word wrap.

It’s not often easy to recognize the portions that can be stripped out to be put into a console app. If it hadn’t been 3 years since I sold it off I might be more help but the fact is I haven’t touched it in that time other than tweaking a few reports and using the GUI designer.

Having a bit more information might help. If you could share an example project it might be even better. Frankly, I used to do this all time, have a proof of concept project that would let me play with a new tool/concept and then I could put it into the main project.

Hello all.

Thank you for your responses! I appreciate all of this feedback. I have been using version 1.8. I’m going to look at the last version I have which is 2.0.9.

That may be different to conform to what you guys are saying.