How to make Xcode SHUT UP? :)

I am writing a Bluetooth communications program between an iPhone and AppleTV… the communications seems to be working just fine…

However no matter what I do (and I’ve spent HOURS, searching this)
10 seconds after the app starts (on any/all devices) it spits out

2020-10-23 18:37:41.749816-0700 gameController[5562:6428523] [GCKSession] Not in connected state, so giving up for participant [2DE97712] on channel [0].

with the channel number going from 0 to 14

There is NO specific references to GCKxxxx anywhere in the code… and this error is mentioned on hundreds of websites, and either the “solutions” suggested I’ve done , or they didn’t apply to the type code this is…

I am “assuming” these are warning, but I can’t seem to get Xcode to supress anything.


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