How to draw an oval around pieces on a board

How I can explain this.
I have a grid (various sizes) of circles
given any 4 of these circles , horizontal, vertical or diagonal
I need to draw an elongated oval around them

Hello Dave,

I was curious about something similar myself, here’s what I came up with:



Edited to add:

Basically …

In Paint event …

(1) Draw the underlying pieces
(2) create a new Picture, same size as g in Paint event
(3) set pen to thickness of highlight, set line ends to rounded, set colour to red, draw line
(4) copy mask into a third new Picture
(5) in this picture, “carve out” inner part of line with another rounded-end line
(6) reapply mask to Picture (2)
(7) draw picture into g

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Thanks… while that is the effect I want…I’m not sure it will work (but it might)… the above image is actually 3 images overlayed already… with the blue (top) layer a one-time-static image

That should be possible by drawing a round rect at the correct position and using a transformation matrix to rotate the path.

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