How to create the ability for a browser session to access another browser session like team viewer?

Hello all,
Forgive me please, I am not at all familiar with the correct terms (feel free to tell me!). I need to create something that will all a remote computer to connect to a RPi that is behind a router/firewall, similarly to what Team Viewer does.

My scenario is I have a customer in one building that is physically separated from another building. Each has their own internet connection, router, firewall etc. In a LAN situation, all he would need to do is type in the IP and the port to connect to a Web App. However, since this is a physically different location, and they refuse to do any port forwarding, I need to come up with another solution.

Can anyone suggest a way to work through this? Also, what are these kinds of things called?

Thank you!

Are you thinking of something like Remote Desktop when there person can see the other machines desktop (or terminal) ?

Like VNC or MS Remote Desktop would do ?

Hi Norman,

No, I have a linux based product that includes a web app and a few other apps that listen for a connection. Without having the LAN, I have no way to connect to them remotely.

With Port Forwarding, I would just set that up, and then the corresponding browser or app that needs to connect to the linux device I’d simply use the public facing IP address and the appropriate port. However, in the latest case, they refuse to allow port forwarding.

So I need a work around for that.

I thought that if I could have another app on the Linux device connect to a cloud server, then when a request came in to connect to the web app from a user, some software on the server would kind of link the request to the incoming connection made by the Linux Device to the cloud server.

Hope that makes sense…

I tried to implement UPnP but it never works…

It involves upgrading a http(s) connection to a bidirectional channel using some type of websocket. But I don’t know the specifics.

You also could create a VPN between them, but that may be overkill and a lot of work.

Hi, first thank you for asking us. It would be nice if you would try to explain it with let me say normal words so that I can get what you want to do. It is not really clear for me! Thanks.

I think I get the idea

You want someone outside the LAN to be able to connect to the device on the inside of the LAN
But the company where this is wont open a specific port to forward traffic to your device so you need an alternative way to connect from outside

ZeroTier may work here

LogMeIn Hamachi could work also

LogMeIn Hamachi

For many years I am using Apache Guacamole, it’s a rdp2html Gateway for existing Terminalservers and Enterprise Infrastructures, where you can share your screen via link.

If you’re looking for a Teamviewer Replacement, use Rustdesk. You can self-host the Server-Component on any hosted virtual server.

Hi Thorstenstueker,

I apoloigise but as I wrote in the beginning, I was not sure what terms to use. Wish I could have avoided that but…

Hi Norman,

Yes, that is the jist of it.Ill look at ZeroTier.

Thank you

Hi TomasJ,

That is interesting, but not what I need to do here.

Thank you for reply and suggestion!

I have several VPNs using Tailscale.

Then I believe your problem is not solvable if either a bastion- or jumphost nor a remote access software like Rustdesk is not useable.