How to call a function in a Parent Class [Swift]

Assume a structure like this

// classA is a custom subclass of NSWindow
class classA : NSWindow {}
// classB is a custom subclass of NSView
class classB : NSView() 

// class01 is a custom subclass of classA
class class01 : classA {
    class class02: classB { // classB is an inline class embedded in classA
        override function xyz(flag : Bool) { 
            if flag {  doMasterFunction() } // <---- How to call this function?!
    } // end of class02

   // need to call THIS function, somehow
   func doMasterFunction() { .... }
} // end of class01

I have tried all kinds of combinations of super, parent, superview etc…

is doMasterFunc shared in some way or it it an instance method ?

its laid out exactly as in the example. doMasterFunction is a function belonging to Class01 , but needs to be called from the nested Class02

well the best solution I could come up with was to add a delegate protocol, and have the XYZ function call it, and then have Class01 respond to it…