How to add analytics to Xojo based iOS app

I am trying to figure out the best way to collect information about how the user views an app and where there are problems. I know that xcode has the ability to build this into iOS apps. Does anyone have any suggestions?

There is nothing built in so it will be “roll your own”

I remember reading about how you can use Google Analytics. I’m not sure how you embed it, but I’d imagine little html viewers here and there…

For the desktop there is the Google Measurement Protocol. The project is for desktop: Example for Google Measurement Protocol

The result ends up in Google Analytics which is fed into Google Data Studio. I make VERY SIMPLE usage statistics that don’t track individual users.

I think that there is a way to let an iOS app talk directly to Google Analytics.

Analytics on iOS currently is in flux because of the new privacy in iOS.

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Thank you. An interesting approach and will be useful in the future, when I complete the desktop version of my app.