How many Xojo developers use it for Web Apps?

True even I don’t want to adopt it as I am more comfortable with PHP and its raw power.

Surprisingly WebDev has PHP mode also but still I have avoided using it till date though I have purchased a license.

Anyways, if you want something that is really powerful and open source then check out Frappe Framework. Version 15 is just round the corner. Releasing on 1st October 2023.

This new version Frappe Framework will prove to be a very powerful tool to build robust Business apps and front facing web site which in turn can be integrate with the Business app.

Another open source tool that I have come to like for building web apps is Web Studio. It is still at a very early stage of development but stable enough and usable.

Aptly said. The same happened with a very powerful, open source and probably first Angular-NodeJS based low-code tool that I came in contact with and used it to build two large scale business apps is Wakanda.

It dies a sudden death and currently except for an old version on GitHub there are no traces of it anywhere on the internet.

I posted a question to TOF on how to update a webpage with a string in code, the answer was time consuming and involved timers and threads and was just totally over complicated for a RAD tool.

Code was split up in multi place places and for a large app it would have been a nightmare. So for real time updates I don’t use it. Complicated solutions for what should be a simple task just invites errors and risks. Both I don’t need in my life.


Did you not know, Xojo is “low code”?

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I still have one large Xojo 2019r2 Web App. I was in discussion with my client to renew the license when I read the posts on this forum. I told them that we would rather stay on the 2019 version. I’ll find something else and rewrite it. The bad thing is the same client would have to spend the money because they also have another cross-platform calculator app that needs to be written. - So sorry XOJO, Love ya :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but have to leave ya! :wave: :woozy_face:

What do you use to develop Web Apps? I am not a big fan of Web Apps myself and currently have a Web server with WebSocket support written in 8th programming language. I use a simple API and Publisher/Subscriber pattern on top of WebSockets that allows me to write a GUI client in any programming language. I use 8th to create a versions for mobile and desktop. Web server provides a simple Web frontend. I simply use jQuery, JavaScript and Pure CSS for Web page, as I never took the time to learn fancy Web programming.

I Have used Unity to develop a cross-platform code once deployed on Windows, Android, and WebGL. I’m currently investing time with Flutter to see if I can cut back on the Unity Game engine bloat.

Unity’s new UI Toolkit will work a lot differently than the UI I used in the original project. The new UI Toolkit works more like modern web development where the scaling etc is controlled by Flex Box and styling is controlled with USS (Unities version of CSS) It is a rather complex way of doing things but you as the developer are in complete control of your look and feel at a low level. Unity also did not ditch the old UI systems so you still have access to it for some time to come.

An example of the web app can be found here:

Currently, I’m working on implementing a way to make calls to a MySQL DB using PHP to pull in sample figures for the calculator to use.

ps. The current WebGL version will load on Mobile devices but it lacks the functionality to process keyboard input from the phone. That is why I compiled an Android version to bridge the gap.

The nice thing is that I only wrote the code once with a mixture of Unity Visual Scripting and C#. There are very minor differences between compiling the app. The UI scales and adapts to screen sizes as I see fit to present it.

ps. Still need to learn Flutter and DART but as far as I can see it should be similar to Unity. Will find out soon enough. :wink:

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If any of you ever do decide to use Unity for app development code in C# only. The Unity Visual Scripting is very nice to learn but it can be between 100-200 slower than C#. I made the mistake of learning the Visual Scripting system first and now I’m stuck between VS and C# doing things.

The Unity VS system was first developed by a plugin developer and used to be called BOLT. I’m just highlighting this because you will still find a lot of tutorials on BOLT which is now called Unity Visual Scripting.

Unity has other visual scripting solutions developed by the community of which 1. Playmaker (FSM Finite State Machine), 2.1 FlowCanvas/2.2 NodeCanvas, and 3. uNode is the most popular. Most of these plugin developers make money once per sale so it is not like XOJO where plugins are maintained on a mostly subscription model per annum.

On a side note, I should also mention the Godot Game engine which can be used in a similar way as Unity to develop cross-platform apps employing a code once deploy everywhere strategy. Actually, Godot was written in Godot. Everything you see in the IDE-UI you can put in your App. To a degree, it is a bit better for developing apps than Unity. The GDScript Language (Similar to Python) is easy to learn. It also has the ability to run and compile C# code.

Really nice thing is that it is an OSS project with a 51,000 Euro backing each month to put towards paying some pro developers for their efforts. It is not 100% mature yet but it is gaining traction. Keep an eye on it :wink:

Example of the Godot IDE. Everything you see in the IDE you can also put in your APP.

ps. Hope it inspires some people to move on and play with different things :wink:


Well, I just searched a few days ago for a CRUD tutorial and found nothing. Whit all the unity hell of the las weeks, looks like Godot was the main option to move to, got a lot of new users, contributors and they secured money. Also C# got priority

Do you know about a good tutorial about GUI apps and databases in Godot?

I heard that Tesla uses Godot for their infotaiment. Also this web app: Windows 95

You will not find a direct Godot CRUD example because as far as I searched there is no direct DB connectivity. Instead what you would do is write HTTP/GET or HTTP/POST calls to a server.

Here is a very nice video explaining how you would do this:

You would do it in a similar way in Unity. The above video is most probably the best explanation to explain not only the functionality but also explaining so security checks.

Here is another tutorial explaining how you could do SQLite in Godot. The example was done in Godot 3.2. I’m sure if it was upgraded to run in Godot 4.1. (I did check if it was available in the Godot 4.2 Beta but it was not yet available)

UPDATE: I could not find the SQLite asset in any of the builds 3.5.3 LT and up. But give it enough time. Godot will rise in the future - at least that is my hope and wish for them. :wink:

Hope it helps!? @HalGumbert here is your “Hello World!” of sorts… You could use the same PHP tutorial and just figure out a way to do it in Unity with C# of which there are lots of examples to call a PHP script.

Use the tutorial below for how you could do Unity HTTP/POST request:

If it is about Game Engine then I still trust age old Blitz Basic and Blitz 3D.

The whole set of tools are now opensource.

Actually, if we move into this category don’t forget about Appgamekit. Old school Basic but for 2D/3D type things. People also used it to make an App or two. It lacks in the UI department but the game engine is good for many small Indies learning about games.

Does Crossplatform also. The IDE(s) run on Mac and Windows and can compile to Mac/iOS/Windows/Android. Can also do HTTP requests in a similar way as Godot and Unity above.

Anyone for some Raspberry-Pi? :wink: Free off course…

The main program(s) and DLC’s are available on Steam. Wait for a Steam special to get it at a very good once-off price. The Steam version runs on Mac and Windows. There are also IDE’s available for Android and iOS but I would not recommend it. I’ts OK for running demos but not for coding.

ps. To stay on topic this guy compiles to HTML5 also :wink:

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I gave up when I had to create threads and timers and have code all over the place just to update a number on the screen.

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