How many releases for Xojo 2021?

In 2018, there was 4 major releases,
In 2019, they were 3,
In 2020, they were 2…

Guess how many releases there could be in 2021 ?

my guess is 3.

Let Geoff surprise us!

1 would seem to be the next number in the progression
Lets hope its more than that

Just doing releases that are nothing more than bug fixes WOULD let them put out as many as they wanted as the drive to always have some new feature in every release wouldnt be the driver any longer

They could put out a new “release” every time there is a pile of bugs fixed they want to get out


I like to bet on a setup like this and we may come back end of year to discuss the final results.

But how about a 2021r1 with bug fixes, a 2021r2 with Android beta and a 2021r3 with something more useable with Android in fall.
And I really hope for some Web 2.x improvements to bring back some of the missing stuff from Web 1 to make conversion possible.


1 good release would be great, but now I totally wasted a full years pro licence when 19r1 came out I actually don’t think it’s possible they can release anything worth a shit for more than a year, if they do nothing other than make what’s there now usable.

screwed by deleting web1, screwed by making web2, screwed by API2, etc, overall, release a version of 19r1 that has none of the crazy alpha stuff it has now, just fix 1000 of the existing bugs, encourage geoff to retire.

what would constitute a good release, that’s an answer, oh I forgot, remove any android code totally from the whole package as that will be more dilution of an already pathetically weak offering.

I want my money back for a completely destroyed year, or a year more of ‘updates’.

yes I am pissed off at the way anyone can sell recent xojo changes as positive and having no choice whatsoever about having to learn a new programming system just to make up for the trash dished out by xojo.

and no, you cant excuse anything xojo have done to make long term users so angry about the pile of crap offered for $700.

there you go, at least I won’t get banned for having an opinion or being a little bit off topic, so to be on topic.

2 releases, both of which will be a waste of everyones time.

come back in 2 years, 3 years etc, it will be the same, regardless of hoping it will not.


Well we’re already in the 2nd quarter with no new version in sight. The Timeframe for maximum 2 major releases is already set.

The Answer: 2

And regarding Web 2,0! Please! I’ve had to use node.js recently for some Webhooks Stuff… and still I am washing my hands.

3 cause they are ready when it runs out of alpha stadium like 2020